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*Levi Ackerman*

Finally the weekend, Eren told me that today he would take me to see Isabel and Farlan.
I was in the couch watching my tail go back and forth. I woke up at 7:00a.m., Eren was still asleep.

Then Eren entered the room, while putting on his shirt.
"Okay, Levi ready to go?" Eren asked

I nodded and got up. And walked over to the door. I opened it but only to become facve to face with Armin and Mikasa.

"Oh, hey Levi, is Eren up?" Armin asked

"Yeah. Eren, Coconut and Mikasa are here." I said

"Oh," he said walking to the door,"hey guys. What's up?"

"We just wanted to come by. Oh, are you busy?" He asked

"No, I'm just taking Levi to see his friends." Eren said

"OOHHHHH, Can I come with!" Armin shouted

"Armin." Mikasa hissed

"What?" Armin questioned

"Could you two stop talking, Coconut, Eren come. Mikasa stay." I ordered

"What!" Mikasa shouted

"Come." I said

I got Eren's and Armin by the hair and dragged them to the car. I released Eren and watched as he walked to the drivers side. And unlock the door and as well with the other doors. I throw Armin in the back, and I got in he front.

"Owwww, Levi that hurt." Eren wined as he started the car

"I thought you were going to rip my scalp off." Armin said running his head and putting on his seatbelt.

"Well next time, go faster" I said

*30 minutes later*

I was looking out the window trying my best to remember where I i last seen them.

"Levi, where did you live?" Eren asked

I ignored him and turned into my cat form.

"Ahhh! Levi!" Eren shouted

'Oooooo." Armin said

I sractched at the window and looked at Eren. He nodded and parked the car. He turned it off, opened the doors, and Coconut opened the door for me. He picked me up and looked down the alley way.

"Is it down their Levi?" Eren asked


I jumped from Armin arms and made mynway down the alley. I stopped and looked back to see if they were following me. Eren was but Armin wasn't, I sight and continued walking. I saw the same enterenc and I went I it. The door was only big enough to fit a small child throw. I saw the same claw marks on the walls from Farlan scratching them.

"Farlan, Isabel?!" I called out

"Wow, what a place." Eren said

I looked back and saw Eren sitting down looking around

"How the fuck did he fit throw the hole?"

I turned and saw Farlen sitting.

"Farlan." I said

"Hey Levi, where've you been?" He said

"Him." I said morning to Eren

"Oh. Isabel was worried crazy. She wouldn't stop crying." He explained

"Damn, where is she?" I asked

"Farlan, who are you talking to?" Isabel said walking down the stairs

"Isabel." I said softly

She looked up and her eyes widened. Sent ran down and picked me up.

"Big bro., I missed you!!!" She shouted

*10 minutes later*

We walked into Eren's house, Isabel and Farlan ran in nearly tripping me.

"Man are they energized." Armin said running after them

"About time you guys, wher've you been?" Mikasa said turning off the t.v

"Out finding Levi's friends." Eren said sitting next to her.

I frowned and and walkdto my room. I closed the door and locked it. I sat on my bed and looked at my hands, filthy.

"Fuck." I hissed

I walked to the bathroom and turned the focet on. I washed my hands, I turned it off and wipped them off.

"Levi-bro?!" Isabel shouted

I sighed and walked to the door, I opened it reveling the shot red head.

"What?" I asked

"Eren said he needed you." She said

I nodded and walked past her. I aw Eren and Mikasa at the door.

"Eren?" I questioned

"Oh, Levi. Umm your friends, Farlan and Isabel, wanted to go live with Armin." Eren explained

"Please Levi-bro. I'll be good." Isabel pleaded.

"I don't care. As long as Coconut takes care of them." I hissed

"Yessss!!!!" Isabel shouted

"I will. Plus me and Mika share a house so, yeah." Armin explained

"Good. Mika diaplend them if they do something wrong." I said

"Whatever." She said walking away.

"Bye levi-bro." Isable said

"Bye Levi." Farlan said

"Bye." I waved

*1 hour later*

I was in my room layin down. I just finished cleaning the house, again. Eren said he had to go get something so I'm home alone. I turned over and thought about Eren

His chocolate colored hair went so good with his beautiful green eyes. His lips were so soft and moist against mine. The way his hands went along my body as he kissed me.
I felt myself grow hard, i moved my legs trying to release some of the presdure in my pants.

I sighed and got up, but tripped over the pain as I walked. I crawled to my bathroom and got some tissue. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers. I gripped myself with the tissue. I slowly started to pump myself.

"Hey Levi do you have my sweater?" Eren said walking in on me.

I looked at him and frowned, he looked at me and stood their for a good minute and then smirked.

"Eren?" I questioned

He walked over to me and kneeled down. He looked into my eyes and removed my hand from my member and replaced it with his. I winched as he pumped me, I bit my lip at the feeling.

"Er..en, you don't have to-"

"I want to." He purred into my ear.

"Oh, god.' I said as he picked up the past

He grabbed his shoulders and throw my headback. It felt so good, I looked at Eren his eyes were filled with lust.

"Eren, I'm so close." I hissed

"Cum." Was all he said

I dug my nails into his shoilder, I felt him grip me harder. My eyes widened and withnone final pump unreleased into the tissue.

"Hahahah, so beautiful. So get some sleep, I'm taking you somewhere tomorrow." He said getting up.

"Yes sir." I said


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