Little Guy (Part 2)

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*Hanji Zoe POV*

I watched as Levi hid underneath the table.

"Hey.... Levi. Come over here please." I said


I backed away and got out my phone, and dieled Eren's number.

"Hello?" He said

"Hey, ummm. I can't get Levi to get out from under the table." I said

"What form is he in?" He questioned

"Human." I said

"Oh, hold on I'm almost their." He said

"Okay!" I shouted and hung up. "So Eren is almost here so, oh yeah! He is bringing some friends over." I said

He looked at me then a cloud of dust appeared. I covered my eyes and looked at him.

"Oh, cool." I said

He was in his cat form. I smiled and got him, I walked over to the couch and sat down.

"Levi, Levi, Levi........ You have so much to learn." I said


"Okay, okay." I said

"I'm here Hanji!!!" Eren shouted.

He walked over to us and got Levi.

"Okay, Levi I ot friends and I would be happy if you can stay like this, okay?" Eren explained

Levi nodded and Eren miles again.

*Eren Jeager*

I walked over to the door and opened it. Krista and Ymir were the first ones to see him.

"Aww, He's soooo, cuutteee!!" Krista said

"Eren, awwww." Sasha said

"Hehe, umm you guys can come inside off you want." I said

"Sweet." Come on guys." Armin said

I stod off to the side to let everyone in.


"Yeah, I many people."

I closed the door and walked to the living room. Krista and Ymir sat in the love chair, Annie, Riener, and Bertolt sat on the couch. Sasha, Connie, and Armin sat on the floor. Jean, Marco, and Mikasa sat at the table.

"So, guys this is Levi, my new pet. Say hi." I said

"What a cat." Mikasa said boredly

"He's cut, but is he named after that guy we saw yesterday?" Armin asked

I looked at Levi and he nodded.

"Noooo, what would make you say that?" I asked

"Because the idiot wears Cat ears and a god damn tail." Mikasa said


"Hehe, Mikasa, Armin may I see you in the kitchen, please." I asked

"Sure." Armin said with a smile.

"Whatever." Mikasa said

I smiled,"Here play with Levi." I said handing him to Krista


I smiled and walked to the kitchen. I saw Mika playing with a knife and Armin with a book.

"So, do you now why I called you in here?" I asked

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