The Cat, That i call 'Levi'.

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*Eren Jeager*

I was waiting in the waiting room in the vet. I haven't got a chance to see him scine I brought him here.

"Eren Jeager!" A lady yelled

I looked i and jumped up, I speed walked to the lady and looked at her with concerned eyes.

"How is He?" I asked

"He's fine, you can see him if you want to." She said

I nodded and followed her to he room, while on my way their I felt my phone viberate. I got it out of my pocket,

"Here we are." She said , "He's on the table asleep."

I nodded and walked to the table. I saw him on it and I smiled. I looked at my phone.

(M.A: Where are you?)

I frowned and put my phone away. I stocked his soft fur.

"I'm glad I found you, and if I didn't then you would be totaled." I said

It opened its eyes and looked at me.

"Oh, hello, you awake now?" I so sitting in the nearest chair.

I got up and say down, it looked at me like if it was thanking me.

"If your trying to think menthen, your welcome." I said

I licked it paw and wipped its ear.

"Ha-ha, do you have a family?" I asked

It looked up and shock its head.

"Oh, well....... Umm would you like to have one?" I asked

It looked at me, and just stairted at me.

"Or do you have friends?" I asked

I nodded

"Oh, umm where are they?" I asked

It stood up and jumped off the table but it fell

"Oh, yeah, the doctor said you can't walk for a while, like a few minutes or so." I said walking to my m ad picking him up.

"(Grrrrr)" it hissed while I put him back on he table.

I smiled ad walked out of the room. I walked to the front desk.

"Hi, umm, I wanted to know if that cat has a owner." I said

"Oh, let me check." She said

I nodded and looked back at the room. I saw that it tried to walk.

"Well it seems that the cat doesn't have a owner. Why, would you like to take him home?" She asked

I thought for a moment and smiled


*Levi Ackerman*

I tried my best to walk around but it always end up with me falling. I wish Isabel and Farlan were here.

"Thank you!!" I heard someone yell.

I turned and saw a girl run in the room. I saw that she ran to a dog and hugged it. I frowned.

"Thank you very much."

I saw the boy walk in with a bag and a coller. I frowned, the lady picked m up and put me in a cage, with a blanket. I felt it move around a little and I looked throw the holes of he cagead saw cars and the sidewalk.

"Ha-ha, I bet Mikasa, and Armin would love you." A male voice said

What, wait, the boy that was talking to me, is taking me him, he adopted me?

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