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*Eren Jeager*

I ran down the street and looked around, wishing I could see Erwin.
I ran all the way from the hospital to my school, which was 2 miles away.


I ignored the call and ran in. I saw Erwin's car in the parking lot, so I ran inside the school.
I pasted by students that were in the halls during class. I climbed the stairs and into the 12th graders wing.
I saw the room number and opened it.

"Okay, goo- Oh glad you can join us Mr. Jeager." Erwin said

I saw Armin working on the black bord, he turned to me and gave me a questionable look.
I walked over to Erwin and stopped when I was 10 feet away.

"HOW DARE YOU!!' I yelled

"Excuse me." Erwin said


Then all heads shot up and looked at me and Erwin.

"Eren, i think this is a subject we need to talk about in public."

"No, we talk where we stand, and I you don't like then just leave." I hissed

"Eren, I did it so you can have a future and live happy, instead of throwing it all away just for some worthless creature like him." Erein said

I grinded my teeth together.


Hanji ran in and got me.

"We're leaving. Bye Erwin." Hanji said

"Stay away from my Family." I said

"Hum." Was all he said then left.

That bitch needs to die.


A/N: so umm, I wasnt able to make a really good story because I had family problems over the week.
But I promise, that something is going to happen next update,


So I will update, hehe say y'all soon.


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