The Cat that Thanked Me

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*Eren Jeager*

It was 9:00am I sleeper in this morning, I wonder what I'm missing.

*Armin Alert*

Damn Eren left me to do his notes. Today was a busy day and he knew it, We had a bunch of test, Homework, assignment I now have to explained to him.

"Mr. Alert,"

I looked up and saw Mr. Smith walking to me

"Yes s-sir." I stuttered

"Where's your friend at?" Mr. Smith asked

"Umm," I looked to the side and saw everyone staring at us. "He had to stay home, b-because he got sick." I lied

"Oh, well I hope he gets well soon." Mr. Smith said while walking away

I looked out the window and saw children playing with their friends as they walked with their parents. I sighed.

*Eren Jeager*

I was making late breakfast for me and Levi. I got a missed call from Armin, Mikasa, and Hanji.

Ding, Dong

"Hello! Levi you their.....or Eren."

I rolled my eyes, turned off the stove and walked to the door, I opened it and saw Isabel and Farlan.

"Hi, is Levi awake?" Isabel asked

"No bu-"

"What do you guys want?" Levi said sleepily

"Big bro!" Isabel said running to Levi

"Hey Levi, what's u-"

He stopped as soon as he saw him.

"Do you smell that Farlan?" Isabel asked

"Yes." He said walking to Levi.

Levi's hair was out of place and his tail and ear were bushy, I barely realized that his hickeys were seeable.

"Levi, I smell someone's scent on you." Farlan said

Farlan shot his head towards me.

"Do you sleep with my friend?" He said

"Yeah, Levi has a boyfriend." Isabel said

"Ha-ha, anyone hungry?"

*Erwin Smith*

"So yeah that's why it's posable." Hanji explained

She has been in here for two hours already, talking about her neko experiment. I wish I could tell her to leave but all she'll do is ignore me.


"Come in." I said

The door open revealing Mr. Alert

"Ah, Mr. Alert, what brings you here to my office?" I said

"Well, I just wanted to say that I needed help with my homework, but I can see your busy." Mr. Alert said

"Oh, no please come in, Hanji was just leaving." I said

"I was?" Hanji said

"Yes you were." I said

"Oh, okay. See you at Eren's." Hanji said

"See ya, Hanji." Mr. Alert said

Hanji walked out and leaving me and Armin alone

"So what's the problem Mr. Alert?"

*Levi Ackerman*

Isabel and Farlan left awhile ago, Eren said he had to pick up some stuff from Armin. I was finally satisfied with the house so i dicided to replace for awhile.

"Hello!!!Levi you in their?" Hanji said

I sighed knowing if I left her their she would find a way to get in. I lazily got up and walked to the door. I opened it,

"What do you want Shittyglasses?" I said

"Levi, where's Eren?" Hanji asked stepping inside

"He went to Armin house to pick up his stuff from school." I explained

"Oh, well that's to what you up to?" She asked

"Relaxing, so don't ruin it." I hissed

"Okay, I won't." She answered

"Levi, are you still awake?"

Eren walked throw the door with two bags, and a drink

"Where were you?" Hanji asked

"I want to Armin's and then went shopping for us." Eren was sitting next to me.

"So cute." Hanji said

"Hanji, get out." I said crossing my arm.

"Aww, okay them." She said walking away and out the door.

"You know shes still going to watch." Eren said

"Yeah, I know. So what you bring?" I asked

"Well, I got you some sweaters and shirts, and I got me some pants, and Starbucks." He said

"Wow." I said

I got my stuff and walked to my room, I closed the door after me and placed them on my bed.

"Levi, you want something to eat?"

"Yeah, thanks." I said

I played on my bed and waited til the food was done. I thought about me and Eren, and about last night. I blushed wen I thought about it, I calmed myself down.
I got up and walked to the living room and saw Eren in a aporen, I smiled and walked to the table.

"Hey Eren,"


"When you first saw me, what do you think of me?" I asked

He looks at me and sighed

"When I first saw you, I thought you were a black bag the dogs were trying to rip up. But I saw your eyes, they were pleading for help, so that's what made me get out of the car. But when I saw your injures, I was so scared. I thought you were going to die on me." Eren explained

"It's fine I'm still alive, I'm greatful that you saved me. And I'm happy I'm with you." I said walking to him "Thank you, Eren."

"Your welcome, Levi."

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