Its The End

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*Eren Jeager*

I watched as my phone went off in the airport. 'My Lil Levi'

"Eren, you ready?" Hanji asked

I looked up at her, she had out tickets and a folder with papers. I nodded and got my stuff.

I looked at the phone once more, Levi had hung up. I sighed and forced myself to put it away, my Levi is now left to be alone.

"Eren, what do you want to do when we get to-"

"Flight To New York is not leaving..."

"I want to see the memorial of the twin towers." I said

I walked pasted her and walked away.

"Me too, can't wait to get there." Hanji said running to my side.

"Hanji, can you tell me something." I said

"What?" She asked

"When can we visit?" I asked

"Um during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and when you guys get out of the year." Hanji said

"Oh, I guess he can wait tell then." I said

I felt my phone buzz, I got it and looked at the contact, 'Mikasa'

"Hello?" I asked

"EREN, WHERE'S LEVI AT!!" Mikasa asked

"What? Levis home." I said

"NO. HES GONE! I CANT FIND HIM!!" She shouted

"What? HES GONE!!" I shouted

I grinded my teeth, I dropped my bag and ran the way I came from.

"EREN!!" Hanji yelled

I felt my anger take over me, why would he leave like that.

*Levi Ackerman*

I walked down the street with my bag with clothes. I had no choice, I looked to my right, and saw the abandoned building I used to live in. I smiled, Home.
I walked to the alley and saw the entrance, I shoved my clothes into the small, narrow entrance. I got to my knees and looked into the building.
The floor was covered in dust, webs on the corners of the ceiling. I smiled at the place. I felt my hands turn to the soft and fuzzy paw, my height went to the level I loved to be in.
I looked at myself and saw the black fur cover my body, I got on my four paws. I walked through and stopped at the sight of the area that had mine, Farlan and Isabel's stuff.

"I miss thows too." I said

I walked to the area, my books on the ground, Isabel's bears and chow toys on the shelf, and Farlan's knife's in a small box placed against the wall.
I smiled, my old family has now separated into three different families.

"Levi!" I heard someone shout.

I turned to the noise and saw Armin with a bag.

"Armin!" I shouted.

"Oh, you are here," he said fitting himself into the entrance ," We went to the house to visit you, Mikasa called Eren and sai-"

"Shush, I don't want to talk about Eren." I said

"What why?" He asked

"He left me alone." I said

"What? Erens out there looking for you. He's going crazy. He wants you home." He said walking got me.

"What? He came back." I said

"Yeah, he's afraid you left cause you wanted to keep the kids to your self." Armin said

"I can't raise a litter by myself, that's too much. I just came here to get my old stuff." I lied

"Oh, then let's go. He wants us to meet at a coffee shop near by." He said getting me.

"No." I said

"What?" He questioned

"I said 'No' I don't want to go back. I want to be by myself with my kids and love with no man." I said

"Levi? Why do yo-"

"NO!!" I shouted

I jumped out of his arms and ran as fast as I could with the kids.

"Levi!" Armin shouted

I looked back and saw him running to me. I jumped throw the hole and ran down the alley. I ran throw the street and saw headlights...

*Eren Jeager*

I walked down the street with my head aching. Levi isn't around here, maybe he left town, or got caught.
I rubbed my head and walked around the corner to the coffee shop. I saw Mikasa sitting at a table in the corner. I felt my phone buzz, I pulled it out and saw Armin's picture

"Yeah." I said

"I found Levi." He said

"Really!!" I said with a wide smile

"Yeah, but..."

I felt my smile fade away, I looked throw the mirror to Mikasa, she looked at me

"What is it Armin?" I asked


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