Erwin, Whats this?

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*Eren Jeager*

I watched as Levi lightly snored, I was happy to find out that I was going o be a father. I brushed my finger across his bard chest. I tapped his shoulder, he slowly opened his eyes.

"Good morning." I said


He slowly got up and sat on my stomach. He then leaned down and kissed my forehead.

"Now your just playing cute." I said


He then lived my lips, I opened and he slid his tongue in. He then got mine in between his teeth and pulled it into his mouth. He suck on it which turned me on.


My eyes opened and saw Hanji looking down on us. Levi pulled away and looked at her.

"Hanji. Would you leave them alone." I heard Armin said

"But its Eren and Levi." She wined

"Well, it looks like the party's over." I said sitting up.

"Aww, well okay. Oh, Erwin told me that he wanted to talk to you." Hanji said

"Damn it." I murmured

Levi got up and walked out the tent, I soon followed but was stopped by a very pissed Mikasa.

"Hi, Mikasa, how you doing?" I said

"Fine. But that's not the real reason.....ARE YOU FU-"

I interrupted her by covering her mouth.

"Shush, Mika." I said

"Eren, are you kidding me. Him really? I mean you can so do better then him." She said

"Umm okay.....but I don't care about your opinion. All that really matters to me is Levi and our family." I said

"But, Eren." She said

"I'm done talking with you. See you later." I said then walked away

I rolled my eyes and walked to where Erwin was sitting.

"You needed me?" I asked

"Yes. Have a seat." He said patting the spot next to him.

I nodded and sat down, he got a small bottle out from his pocket and placed them on the table. I got them and looked at the label.

'Abortion Pills'

"Erwin what's this?" I asked

"I want you to give them to Levi, so this child could stop growing." He said with out looking at me

"But Erwin, this is my child. And I'm pretty sure Levi and I want it." I explained

"Really, then I'm guessing your gonna have to drop out of school. And help Levi around the house. Your father would be very disappointed." Erwin said

"But Mr. Smith. This is a living person, we're talking about. I'm not going to let Levi take these and end up killing our child. I'm not allowing it." I paused ,"Here, take them. I have no use for them. "

I then throw it at the floor and walks away.

*Hanji Zoe*

I was hiding in back of a tree while Erwin ad Eren talked.

"But Mr. Smith. This is a living person, we're talking about. I'm not going to let Levi take these and end up killing our child. I'm not allowing it." Eren paused ,"Here, take them. I have no use for them. "

I here a thud then footsteps walking away. I looked over and saw no one there. I looked around and saw that the scene was cleared out. I quickly went to the the table and looked around. I bought sight of a bottle on the door, I bent down and picked it up.

'Abortion Pills'

"Erwin." I growled

*Levi Ackerman*

I was at the table looking at my hands and thinking how this whole thing is going to work out.


My ears picked up when I heard Eren say my name from the distance.

I felt a hand on my shoulder ad another around my waist.

"Eren." I sad kissing his hand

He kissed my head and rested it there.

"What's the matter!" I asked

"Nothing." He said

He got on too of the table then put both legs on ether side of me then planted a kiss on my forehead. He keeps kidding every inch of my face tell the only spot was my mouth.
He landed in and kissed my, I kissed back. He swayed our lips together tell I felt his cold tongue meet my lips. I opened it and allowed him to enter. He played with me tell we were out of breath.

"Eren this isn't like you, whats wrong?" I asked

He shook his head.

Man this guy.

"Ready to move out guys?" Armin asked

"Yeah." Hanji said

They started gathering into the van tell they were waiting for us. I got up and walked to the car.

"Eren." I called

He the gt up an ran to the van. He jumped in an sat in the back. I sat next o him and snuggled up next to him and quickly fell back to sleep.


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