The Cat That Needs Me

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*Eren Jeager*

I was finally in school, I missed it so much...not. I hate it in here, I missed the test in Friday so I have to take it. Armin told me that him and Mikasa had the best results out of the whole class.

"Eren don't stress. Its really easy." Armin said patting my back

"It easy for you, but for me..well see you when I work at McDonald's." I said

"Haha, i will." He joked

"Mr. Jeager, come down to get your test." Mr. Smith said

I nodded and walked to the front of the class. I got the test from Mr. Smiths grip

"Mr. Jeager, I need you to got to room 104 to finish the test." He said

I nodded and walked out the class, I walked along the halls and looked in the rooms and saw some of my friends. I found the room in like 5 minutes.
I knocked on the door but opened as soon as I tapped it.


"Hi, Eren. What brings you here to my room?" She asked

"Mr. Smith said to come here to do my test." I said

"Oh, well come in in." She said as she opened her door.

The room was messy, papers were allover the floor and her desk was filthy......oh no, I'm becoming Levi.

"You can sit their," she pointed at a table ,"and I'm over the so yeah." She then ran to her desk

I smiled and sat down at the table, I started to work but my phone vibrated. I got it out and looked at the contact, Levi.

'Levi and Me'

Levi : hey, I'm bored.

Me : What do you want me to do?

Levi : Come Home

Me: I cant, I have a test to finish

Levi: please.

Me : no

Levi : but....I need you to comfort me.

Me : Levi.

Levi: please

Me : Fine let me finish this and I'll see what I can do.

Levi : okay


"Hey, Hanji. When I'm done with this can you give me a note saying that I'm sick or something?" I asked

"Why?" She asked

"Because Levi is crying for me to come home."

"Aww, his so cute. Okay, but finish that test."

I smiled and went back to my test and tried to finish it as fast as I could.

*Levi Ackerman*

I played on Eren's bed , waiting for him to come home....I really didn't feel good. I felt really hot, my bottom half really needed attention. Please don't tell me I'm in heat.

"Levi, I'm home."

I smiled at his voice, I tried getting up but my erection hurt. So I just laid their.

"Levi, where are you?" He asked

"I'm in your room." I said

I heard his foot steps, I smiled. I felt myself grow harder and making my pants tight.

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