Needed Attention.

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*Levi Ackerman*

I was in Eren's Room cleaning it because it was filthy as fuck. I had my cloth covering my face an order to protect me from getting dust on me. All I had left was his bed, I had to fix it, I jumped on it and got the corner of the sheet and placed on its rightful place.

"Levi~." Hanji sang

I looked at the door and saw her burst in. She grabbed me and ran out the room.

"Eren, I found this little man in your room." She said

"Wha- oh, Levi what were you doing in my room?" He asked

I looked away "I was cleaning it." I said

"Cleaning it, cool, looks like he loves to clean, and also with this little thing you got on." Hanji said, "So lets see how your Human form looks like."

She grabbed my neck and hit the same spot.

*Eren Jeager*

I saw Hnaji do the something she did earlier. I looked at Levi and saw that he was a Human.

"Hanji what did you do?" I asked

I saw Levi laying on the floor. He had a White shirt and Black pants and coat.

"I turned him into HUMAN!!!!!" She yelled

"Grrrrr, you shittybrat." He hissed

"L-levi, you alright?" I asked

I got up slowly.

"I'm fine, my leg just hurt a little." He said running his hand on his left leg.

"Oh, umm, sorry Hanji did that to you." I said

"It's fine. I just need to sit down." Levi said getting up and walking to the couch.

"Hanji..." I wined

"What, he had to be a Human when Mikasa and Armin came." She said


"And speaking of Mikasa, make sure she doesn't get him pissed off or -"

"Yeah,yeah, I'll be back." Hanji said running off to get the door

"Mikasa, and Armin?"

I turned and saw Levi on all four.

"Yeah, Mikasa and Armin are my best friends." I said

"Oh." He said lowering his ears

"Why, what's wrong?" I asked

"Nothing I just.... I wish I can see Isabel and Farlan. They must be very worried." He said looking out the window.

"Well," I sad walking up to him and petting him ,"If you want we can go visit them."

"Really, thank you." He said pouncing me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and his face was on my stomach and nuzeled it. I smiled and put my hand on his head rubbing it a couple of times.

"Hey Eren, Mika and Armi- what are you doing?" Hanji asked

I looked up and saw Hanji, Armin, and Mikasa with surprised faces.

I bet this looks really wrong.

"No its not what it looks like!" I shouted

"You fucking perv. GET OFF MY FRIEND!!!" Mikasa yelled

Levi pulled away and looked at her.

"Who are you calling 'Perv.' " Levi said

"You." Mikasa growled

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