ch-21 Back Home

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"Hey," I said seeing Lyndsey.

"Hey, Emily!" She said happily.

The ride back home was fun, but it was also full of questions,being asked by Lyndsey.

Questions like,why did I do that?, Didn't I think about the song&guys?

I really didn't want to answer them,but I managed to answer them.

"Okay,we're here." Lyndsey said,reaching home.

"Aren't you gonna come in?" I asked.

"No, I need to head home."

"Ok,thanks &bye." I said,remembering that guys were here also.

I was shocked to see the house empty. I put my stuff down & went to get something to 


"Don't you have anything organic?" Kendall asked.

"In there," I said,scared,because I thought the house was empty.

"Thanks,well glad to see your here and safe,so I'll be leaving." 

Right when Kendall was about to leave, I managed to ask, "Why did you go with Lyndsey and

why are you the last one to leave right now?" 

I can tell by the look on his face he was surprised by the question. 

---Today was my last day of high school..So I'll start updating more often.---

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