All over again

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The shy girl,that is what I was know as in school. Isn't weird how people think they have to judge other people. They seem it is important to have name for someone else. I was a shy girl,though, at one point in my life. People that did not know me thought I was a quiet girl and they are the ones that called me the shy girl. My friends laughed when they heard me being referred to as that, because they knew I was  loud and my best friend ..well my best friend at that moment ..knew I was completely insane. Me and my best friend were no longer best friends any more ..we had to go our seperate ways. She thought I was to quiet for her, but I was queit compared to her. Little did I know that my voice would soon be heard all around the world. Little did I know that, I would be able to perform with the a great band in the future

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