ch 16--The Interview

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I opened my phone to see what the message said & was in shock.

We can do the interview ourselves and the live performance can be on the radio so no one will see you.Is that better for you?  It read.

Thanks & yes. I replied.

Okay then, you'll be getting everything soon. 

Thanks, I replied again.

Knowing the guys were going live by themselves made me feel better, as did the fact that I was not going to be seen at all.

The next day , I tuned into the interview, and watched the guys act like goofballs and announce all of their upcoming stuff.

I received another message, it said,Sorry we tried to convince management, but we had no choice.

I sent back a "?", I was so confused,but everything became clear, when I saw myself on the screen,with I guess it was the video that had been sent in for the audition.

I couldn't figure out what was worse, having been there with them or what just happen.

I was a fix of emotions, I had no idea what I was doing, all I knew was I needed to do something,so I picked up the phone and dialed,"Hello, airport."

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