ch-28 Accident

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About 2 hours after the guys left and I was done cleaning I called Lyndsey to see if she was home, she said, she wasn't but she was on her way there,so I told her I'll meet her there.

I got ready to leave and left a note for the guys,cuz I'm almost positive they'll show up,it said,there is food in the oven, and it is already made.GOT IT GUYS?!

On the way there I couldn't stop thinking how much my life and changed in just over a little bit of time. I was really into thinking,that I almost ran a stop sign and had to slam the breaks,luckily there was no cop or person behind me.

There was someone coming from across, but since I was at the stop sign 1st,I got to go 1st, so I started to make my turn,but it was to late for me,because I knew that car wasn't going to stop.Next thing I knew,it was all dark.

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