Ch-33:It Was All A Game

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-----Kendall's POV-----

"Aren't you guys going to the hospital today?" I asked the guys.

"Maybe later,"they all said still half asleep.

I don't blame them,the recording session took forever last night.

"Ok,well,I'll be there if you need me."

"Oh,let her know you love her,"Logan said,&James and Carlos started to laugh.

Lucky for me there were three pillows,that I threw at each one of them.

"OW!!"They all yelled.

Good,I thought, your in pain,but still not even as close to how much I was in.

When,I got to the hospital, I went straight to Emily's room.

"Wait,you're gonna visit Emily right?"The nurse asked.


"Ok,can you take this file,please,I'm kind of in a hurry.I am needed elsewhere ASAP."


I took the file and left.On the way there I someone bumped into me,causing all the papers to go flying.

"I am so sorry,"they said.

"Don't worry about it."

"Let me help you."

"No,that is alright."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," I said and started to collect the papers,but went into complete shock when I read one of them.

It said: Patient suffered only minor bruises.No loss of body part,vision,hearing,or memory.Medication to be delivered once daily in the morning  and once daily in the evening.

That's it,just bruises. WOW! She was playing a game the entire time.

"Hey,what's up with the mess?" I heard James ask.

"Read this all of you,"I said.

"What the?" Logan said.

"Damn girl can really play a game,"Carlos said.

"Yes,she's mult-talented,"James added.

"So what do we do now?"They all asked.

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