ch 8 -- New Girl

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I did not want to go to school, even worse than some other times, but thanks to the law I had no choice. 

However, I felt that I was ready to be my invisible self again,but this time no one in the room would acknowldedge my existence. 

I got to class and saw, the same thing as yesterday, Nicole and the popular kids were all sitting together.

"Alright class, we will be doing another partner project so buddy up!" She said.

OH!  That is just wonderful, I thought to myself sarcastically. 

Everyone was buddied up,except for me as per usual. The principal walked in with someone I have never seen before.

"This is a new student." She said talking to the teacher. No one seemed to notice since they were all sitting by their friends and chatting away.

"Oh, welcome.please sit whereever you want." She said.

Well the new girl did not have a choice,because the only seat open was next to me, so she came and sat next to me.

"Hey,I'm Lyndsey." She said holding her hand out for a handshake.

"Emily." I said shaking her hand in return.

"Nice to meet you." She said.

"Same." I said.

The teacher handed us papers with our assignments on it & went to go talk to the principal.

"Partner are we partners or what?" She asked.

"If you want." I said.

"YES!" She said a little over happy, which shocked me.

"Can we be friends as well?" She asked, which suprised me more.

"YES" I said not realizing at first that I sounded exactly like her when I was saying it, but apologizing right away when I did.

"No worries," She said and we got started on our project.

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