Ch 4 --The announcement

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Home,Sweet,Home, I thought as I entered the living room.I went to go and put my stuff down and then went into the kitchen & saw that my mom had left a note for me saying that she went to run a few errands and she would try to be home before dinner, and if she wasn't there was some pizza in the oven.

I went to the living room and turned on the tv.

"We're looking for a female to do a collaboration with on a song, but we don't want anyone famous."One of the guys on tv said, he was short and had black hair and brown eyes.

"Yes, we want to give someone a chance to let their voice be heard." Said another one of the guys. He was a green-eyed blonde, and kinda taller than the other guy.

I turned off the TV and thought what they were doing was a really nice thing.

I started to think, that I was a female and not famous, maybe I should try out, and almost burst out laughing with that thought, because I realized how can I shy girl like me ever be on a stage?

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