CH--23 What Just Happen?

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--Kendall's POV---

"UMM,I guess I will be leaving now,"I said, scratching my neck&shaking my head.

I walked out with my head down, thinking why this girl is so shy she is so beautiful.

I get to the car and the guys look at me like what is wrong wit you. That breaks my train of thought, & brings my back into reality. 

I get into the car,after a few minutes of awkwardness, Logan says,"We need to break out of her confront zone and show her what she is really worth and what she can do."

I look up and tell the driver, & say "Turn around,we need to go back."

The guys all start going,"WHAT?!!WHY??!!"

I tell them,"You'll get your answers when we get there."

****Emily's POV****

I was still in shock and exactly still where I was when Kendall left me. I felt like my feet were glued to the floor and the sofa was the only support I had.I finally found the strength to get up & walked into the kitchen to get water.Then I went back to the tv, to get my mind off everything that happen right now & to my surprise I was on tv , the audition tape was on. WHY ME???WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?? Turned off the TV and threw the remote & buried my head in my hands and my knees and started to cry. Right then I heard the doorbell ring. What could it be now?

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