CH--26 That I would feel the same way:)

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**Kendall's POV**  

"Guys,we can't leave her,alone." I said.  

"What can we do?" Logan asked.  

"Well,we can do what we were here to do in the 1st place." I said.   "And what is that exactly?" James asked.  

"Break out of her shell." I said.  

"But its to late," Carlos said.

  "It's never to late."

  "Dude, not like that,I am tired and sleepy."  

"You can sleep on the couch." I said and turning around and walking towards the house.  

**Emily's POV**  

I got up to an another bell ringing.   Great now who can it be & this late?   To my suprise, the guys were standing there.   

"Can I sleep on your coach?" Carlos asked.   "You can sleep on a bed,I have 3 other rooms," I said,but before I could finish he was past me and him, James and Logan were fighting over rooms.

"Don't you want to call dibs also?" I asked Kendall?   "I did," he said, and I looked at him confused,"I called dibs on you."   My heart started racing and I honestly started to think, I was falling head over heels in love with him. 

--thx to @gurr209 for helping me write the last 4 chapters.What do you guys think of ch--22 through 26? -- 

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