ch 5-Homecoming

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It was winter, now, and that meant that homecoming was right around the corner.

"So, I was thinking, and I kinda want to run for homecoming queen & it is our senior year,so what do you think?" Nicole asked.

"I think, you will do great." I replied.

"AAAAAAAWWWWWW thank you,Emily,"She said,"I mean if I never try how am I ever going to know what could have been."

The next few weeks, were so busy, with getting everything ready for and campaigning for her.Her competition was really was stiff, because she was going against two of the popular girls.

Time flew and the homecoming game was right around the corner.

"I'm getting so nervous as it approaches."She said.

"I bet.Let's see who will win tomorrow." I told her.

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