Ch-34 Figuring it Out

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--Kendall's Point of View--

"I really don't know," I said "but do I do want to know why she was doing this."

"Don't we all?" Logan said.

"So do we play along?" James asked.

"I don't know lets ask her," I said.

We got to her and I started clapping. Both of the girls looked at us really confused.

"You're really good at playing games," I said.

"WHAT?!" They both asked.

"Oh,come on game over,"Carlos said,reading what the doctor had written. Right then the phone rang.

"Hello,yes,ok,ok,we'll be right there,"Logan said,"We're need at the recording studio."

"Ok,well."Another phone started to ring & this time it wasn't ours.

"I have to go,I'll see you later,if I do otherwise,tomorrow."Lyndsey said and walked out followed by the guys.So it was just me & Emily now.

"Ok,I know you're really made ," she said,"but I can explain."

"I'm not mad,I'm acutally happy."


"Yes,because your almost fine,you know except for the bruises."

"Yes,that hurts & the medicine taste awful,"she said.

"So,you don't take your medicine?"

"No,I do,just hate the taste."

"Normally,if a medicine taste gorse,I don't eat it," I said and she laughed.

"It's so nice to see you laughing again,"I said & then asked."Why'd you play the game?"

"Damn it,I thought you'd never ask," She replied.


"Nope,I knew 1 of you guys would,so here is your answer,"she said,"no one has ever cared for me as much as you guys did in just over little bit of time.Then, I realized it may have just been because of the so, I put it to the test with the help of the game,& you guys visiting everyday by taking time out of your busy schedule & bringing lunch,witch by the way,was pretty tasty, shows you guys do care."

I took her hand and said,"Well of course,we'd do that."

"Thanks,& could you let the guys know what I told you."

"Sure and no problem,"I said,"I love you."

"Hey,you coming or what?"James asked reappearing.

"Yep,just leaving."

"Bye Emily,"we both said.

"Take care."


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