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"Wake up!"Lyndsey shouted walking into my room.

"Women,you scared me."I said.

"Guess what?"


"Here you go,"she said handing me the song.

"Where'd you find it?"

"In your suitcase,"she replied.

"Suitcase?" I asked,"I never even put it there."

"That's where I found it."

"Strange,"I said,"So what did you burn?"

"Nothing,just like we promised."


"So when are you leaving?"She asked.


"I know that.I meant what time."

"As soon as all the paper work is done,"I said as the doctor walked in.

"Morning kiddos,"he said,"Okay. You're leaving today. Lyndsey I'm gonna need you to fill out some papers on her behalf and you gals can leave right after your done."

"Awesome,"she said heading out.

She came back half an hour later.

"Damn!How many papers were there?"I asked.

"ALOT!"She replied,"now lets go."

The ride back home was quiet,until Lyndsey phone started to ring.

"Can you put it on speaker?"She asked.


"Hello,"she said.

"Hey,where are you guys?"James asked.

"On our way to Emily's."

"But we're not done yet."

"James,shut up!"She said,"You're on speaker."

"Well,thanks for telling me that,"he said sarcastically,"bye."

"Ok,what's going on?"I asked.

"Nothing,"she replied.

"I knew,I would be cleaning up another mess."

When we got home,I was about to get out of the car,when she told me I can't.

"Why not?"

"Cuz,I said so."

She left and I waited for ten minutes.

"Ok,you can come now."

"Really?"I asked sarcastically.

Right when I walked inside,I was blown away.

"SURPRISE!!" Everyone yelled.

This was so nice.There were welcome home balloons and banners,there were also bouquets and a cake.

"AAAWWW,this is so sweet,"I said.

"Oh,and look nothings burned,"Carlos said.

"Good,"I said.

"Oh,great,"Logan said,looking at the clock,"we're late.One of us will be here tomorrow to help you with your part."

"Yeah,we already started recording.You really need to get your part recorded,"James said.

"Oh,sorry,I didn't on tell you guys,that I was planning on landing myself in the hospital,"I said sarcastically,as the guys were walking out.

"Not funny,"Kendall yelled back.

"I,agree,with him,"Lyndsey said,"that wasn't funny.Now get some rest & enjoy your cake,but save some for me,ok."

"Alright,bye,"I said.

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