ch 24--Breaking out of the shell

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***Emily's POV***

I walked to the door and saw the guys standing there.

"WHAT NOW?" I said looking straight at Kendall,then at the other guys.

"Someone needs to take a chill-up," James Said.

"EXCUSE ME !!" I yelled." YOU'RE on the steps of my house."

***Kendall's POV****

I looked to James and mouthed him to be quiet.

I was about to talk to her,when she cut me off.

"EXCUSE ME !!" She yelled,directly at our faces." YOU'RE on the steps of my house."

I stood there shocked, to what she just said.

Carlos said,"Dude,why are we here?"

Leave it up to him to take you out of your thinking zone.

I just walked in and the guys followed me.

**Emily's POV**

I stood there as the guys passed me.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Helping you get out of your comfort zone." Kendall said.

"Just,because you like me doesn't mean you can barge into my house and tell me what you are going to do." I said and the guys all looked at me and then Kendall, and then I turned to the guys and said sarcatically,"And please make yourselves feel at home."

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