ch 13--Concert

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"I can not believe, I am going to my 1st concert!" I screamed.

"I can not believe we did not get meet and greet passes, 2 mins, they sold out in 2minutes, but at least we got seats close to the stage," Lyndsey said.

We got to the arena and finally reached our seats and I realized, that I had no idea whose concert I was at.

"Lyndsey, whose concert are we at?" I asked.

"You'll see," She said.

The whole arena,strated chanting Big Time Rush.

"Well, guessing by the chants, I am gonna say, big time rush," I said, and Lyndsey laughed " the name sounds so familiar."

When the guys came out, my mouth dropped and I thought I was gonna faint.

Lyndsey saw my face and started laughing,"Suprise!"

"Oh God, they are so cute," I said, "Wait did I just say that, out loud?"

The blonde one kept looking towards us.Me and Lyndsey looked at each other a few times, since we both noticed.

"Okay, we are gonna get four girls on stage,"One of the guys said,"James, you pick first."

"Okay," James said a bit of excitement in his voice.

He jumped off stage and came into the crowd, causing everyone to start screaming.He came right in front of us and took Lyndsey, and I started screaming, because I was happy for her and he was her favorite.

The other two guys did the same thing, but not the blonde one.

He pointed towards my way and told a security guard, probably who he wanted.

The security guard walked back off the stage and walked right passed and , was I shocked by who he took. 

Nicole, out of everyone here, he took Nicole!

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