ch-19 She is back

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*****LYNDSEY'S POV*****

The drive back to Emily's house was really quiet.The only sounds we heard were of car horns being honked in traffic.

When we got to Emily's house the guys weren't there. 

"Not them, also." Kendall said.

"Guys!" We both shouted.

"In here," one of them replied back.

They were sitting in front of the tv with popcorn, watching reruns of spongebob. I was wondering how they could be watching tv and enjoying themselves in a situation like this. I was about to ask them when the doorbell rang. We all looked at the door and thought Emily was back. The guys, started to clean,while me and Kendall,went to go get the door.Our mouths dropped open to see who was standing outside.

"NICOLE!"We all shouted. 

I was more surprised to see all the guys were here and knew who she was.Then I started to think, why would Emily ring the doorbell to her own house..its not like she knew we were here.

The guys continued to look at each other, then Nicole, then me.

"Hey,don't look at me, I'm more shocked then you all are," I said.


 --- Not who u were expecting right?--SUPRISE! 

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