Chapter 21 - Who Would You Rather Go on a Date With?

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“Look, everything will be fine. I promise! Didn’t I say that you would have an awesome time? Chris is a perfect gentleman. Plus, you like him anyways so this double date will be fun!” Julie rambled confidently. Amy really wished that she could believe her. She wanted her own fairy tale ending; the kind where her prince carried her off into the beautifully warm and welcoming sunset.

But this date wasn’t going to give her that. All it was going to give her was a headache and about a hundred more awkward moments with Chris.

Amy glanced over at Chris, completely unconvinced. This was going to be the worst night of her life.

Against Amy’s will, Julie dragged her back to their dates with a huge smiled on her face. She pushed Amy towards Chris and after a few stumbles she fell forward into his open arms.

Amy jumped back, as if his touch was a burning coal. It felt so weird to touch him now, like if they made contact, he would feel that horrible hot sensation too. And he would hate her for that. It made no sense but after dusting herself off, Amy resolved to stay away from his touch. It was already had enough that things would never be the same between them because of this date. She didn’t want his hate too – no matter how stupid that sounded.

“Um, so,” Amy stuttered, scratching her arm for something else to focus on to keep her face from heating, “Do – um – do you guys want something to – uh – eat?”

David and Julie exchanged a knowing look that Amy understood all too quickly. They were worried, probably even regretting setting this all up. Amy didn’t know how to act on a date in the first place and now that it was with Chris, it was going to be even more uncomfortable.

But Chris didn’t notice their reaction and smiled at her before speaking, “Yeah sure. Choose whatever you like – I’ll pay.”

Amy nodded and headed toward the popcorn booth, completely fazed. Captured within her own thoughts, Amy pointed at the popcorn and a coke.

She didn’t notice what was happening until Chris put his hand on the other side of her and leaned into the counter to order, firmly pressing his forearm into the small of her back.

Amy let out a little gasp but managed to hold herself back from jumping away.

With a tiny ‘thank you’, they headed into the dark theatre. Julie and David had already gone to find seats and when Chris met their gaze, they waved over.

Chris grabbed Amy’s waist and turned her towards their friends. Bending forward, Chris managed to place his mouth beside her ear without any resistance on her part.

“There they are. I’ll follow you,” he breathed out, the air tickling her ear. Chris’s voice was husky and smooth and rough and just overall attractive. It was a nice voice...

Amy’s jaw dropped at their closeness. It only led to thoughts that she couldn’t control. Sure, she liked him. But she couldn’t lose their bet. She had to stay focused.

But despite her attempts to think about something else – anything else really, Amy couldn’t ignore him. Chris’s hands on her skin left heated marks, invisible swells. Hadn’t he felt the way his hands burned her like they were made from the embers of a fire? Surely he must have. Or was it purely her imagination?

Amy moved towards her friends slowly, gliding along the seats and choosing the seat next to Julie to plop down in and start munching on her popcorn for something to do. She didn’t want to talk or to even look at Chris and let those weird hormonal and totally irrational thoughts compromise her mind again.

Julie leaned over, to Amy as Chris stepped over her, trying to get to the next spot, “Everything alright?” she asked, cocking her head to the side to look at her afterward.

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