Sequel to the zombie-romance adventure, World War Zayn, Battle Alpha picks up from where it left off: a challenge to clear the world of zombieism -- one alpha zombie at a time!

Will Louis be able to handle his Alpha wife during her pregnancy as they painstakingly disentangle themselves from ONE?

Will Niall, having been considered as the weakest of the team, be able to step up to the challenge when things go awry in The Fort?

Who will survive Battle Alpha?

Read the excerpt below.


The raider camp wasn't as barbaric as they assumed it would be. It was just like The Fort, but with less structure and weaker walls. All the lights were out; it seemed like everyone was sleeping, probably after feasting from their abundant steal earlier today. He had to give it to Liam though; his brother had made a small map of the place from simple surveillance. He was really getting good in the whole spying and tracking department.

They easily found their way to the supply booth, and armed with a dirty cloth with drops of chloroform, Liam had the sleepy guard knocked out cold. Their assumptions were true; the raiders weren't expecting company tonight. After picking the door's lock, the three of them hurried inside and began stashing their bags with everything they can put their hands on.

They were about to go back out the same way they came in when Liam tapped Niall by the shoulder and pushed his bulky duffel bag into his already loaded arms. "Give me a minute, I'll be back."

If Niall had free hands, he would've dragged Liam back in place. "Wait, what are you doing!? Get the fuck back here!!!" He tried to keep his voice down, he truly did. He sneaked a look at Harry and found his friend already making his way out. He should be, too.

"Niall," Liam said. "Go. Go ahead with Harry. I'll catch up to you."

"What the fuck are you doing, Liam!?" he asked again, as if his friend didn't understand him the first time. "This wasn't the plan!"

"I'm going to kill their leader, Niall," Liam said. "And that's the real plan for tonight. We'll never have to suffer another raider attack again." Giving him a light punch on the shoulder, he pushed Niall to the exit. "Go on, I'll be there soon."

And now, the three of them were running with their tails between their legs -- from zombies and from angry raiders who were also shooting at them. Niall didn't know which was worse, the wasted supplies or the fact that the three of them were running blindly in the dark -- apart.

Yeah, they were probably going to die.


What's going to happen next?

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