All the anger, the hate, the worry - everything disappeared when Zayn laid eyes on his daughter for the first time. She was beautiful, striking. She got her mother's curly, brown hair. His nose, her mother's pouty lips, and when she parted her eyes, Zayn was quite taken aback. Her eyes were hazel - brighter than his, but...

"She's just like you," Jasper said, her voice full of emotion. There was no fear and no regret, there was only love.

Zayn knew what she meant. It wasn't only their features blending to birth this wonderful baby, someone he didn't expect would exist a year ago, now in his arms, looking up at him with these breathtaking eyes with golden-red flecks. They both knew it: she was an alpha-immuno hybrid as well. Her skin was pale - paler than his or Jasper's. Her lips were tinted like purple rose petals, you'd think she was a little lifeless baby if it weren't for the way she fluttered her thick eyelashes at her father.

Zayn blinked at Jasper when he noticed that she had reached up to him to wipe the wetness on his face. He wanted to tell her he loved her, but the thought was merely a lump in his throat, and one wrong word would make him sob like a baby.

"I love you too," Jasper said with a shy smile, reminding him of the first time they met each other. The way she had looked at him with pure admiration in her eyes. She looked beautiful then, and she looked glorious now, basking in her post-delivery glow. Her cheeks were full with color, unlike their little baby girl, and Zayn leaned down to kiss them both on the top of their heads.

"She's perfect," Zayn whispered, tilting the baby for her to see, acting every bit the proud father he was. "We made her?"

Blushing, Jasper nodded. "Yes, I believe we did. Many times too."

Instead of weeping, Zayn's laughter bubbled up in his throat. He knew exactly what they should name her. A mix of the two most important people in his life, and the warmth they gave to his heart. His personal miracle. "Welcome to the world, Sapphire Malik."

Life couldn't possibly get any better than this.

* * * * *

It took her so long to wrap her head around the fact that she was a mother. Jasper couldn't believe it. It was the only reason why she couldn't fall asleep. She would have fussed over Sapphire (Zayn said her nickname was Zap) all night if only Zayn didn't tell her to stay put and try to rest. He took the baby out, probably to show her off to everyone in their ward (in case they didn't see her the first time yet). She couldn't help but smile again.

Today she got married to Zayn, and Sapphire was born. What a day! Her daughter (she had a daughter wtf!) was born prematurely, but so was she. From what Doctor Fajhar told them, Sapphire had chosen to get born just in time. Had she stayed longer in utero, the zombie strain in her system would have caused some significant damages to the mother.

"She's just the right amount of human," one of the resident doctors said.

Although, once in a while, a familiar fear would grow in Jasper's heart, but she was quick to burn it all away. What was important now was that her baby was born and she was healthy, and she was Jasper Malik. She had a family now, and they were going to be happy for the rest of their lives...

As Jasper's mind finally began to shut down, readying for a long and deep sleep ahead, her thoughts wondering if maybe they should still live on the farm, their little family, with Louis and Jewel, too... Maybe they'd have a family of their own someday... She realised that for the past few seconds, she had been staring at her mother's face.

"M-mom...?" she asked sleepily, wondering why her mother had such long hair, and since when had her eyes been that golden? What? She narrowed her eyes and noticed that her mother was actually calling her name.

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