Scoring himself a bicycle was probably one of the best decisions in his life post apocalypse. He easily made his way through woods, and as he told Denice, there were no undead in sight. He suspected the lack of zombies in these parts were due to ONE's location.

Liam Payne wasn't going to say it to their face, but he was completely clueless about how the other group managed without him.

Denice, for one, had to take convincing that he was more than capable of traversing the woods on his own back to the farm. Surprisingly, he was great with directions. Who would've thought he was a human compass? He should've gotten that compass tattoo instead.

Without him, they wouldn't have built their new home -- The Fort. Thanks to everyone who proved to be able bodies, they were able to build a small cabin good enough for the girls, and a fence around the place. They washed their muddy and bloody tents, sewn the tears and holes, so everyone had their own place to sleep. Once they got enough rest, they were going to try building another cabin -- a bigger one, too. And the next time Niall and Carmen visited, they were going to start moving the chickens over there so everyone would have fresh eggs and new chickens. It was going to be an exciting start.

Today was a great day, Liam could tell, because Harry was going to join him in the Fort for good. The last time they talked, he hinted that they needed someone on the lookout while they worked, and Harry happily volunteered. He should also get more supplies from the farm, if he could find any. It seemed like Zayn, Jasper, and Louis were going to be staying longer in ONE anyway. He didn't know whether to call them unfortunate or fools.

When Liam finally arrived at the farm, the place clear of zombies (although there were fresh corpses outside the fences), he pedaled faster when he saw the three occupants of the house standing outside the porch. Carmen waved at him from the distance, and Niall called his name. Harry had his back to him.

Getting off his bicycle, he gave Niall a one-armed hug. "What's up? I'm here to get my new head of security."

"He's on the phone with Zayn," Niall replied, referring to the military cellular phone that Harry had pressed against his ear. "The phone's been really useful. I've been able to talk to Louis and Jasper!"

Liam noticed that Harry's bags were already packed on the porch, but for some reason, he could tell that they weren't going back to the Fort anytime soon. And boy was he right.

Liam tried to keep his face from crumpling into a bitter frown as Harry animatedly announced the news: Zayn and Jasper were getting married tomorrow. They wanted to tie the knot before the baby was born. Biting his tongue, Liam was relieved that his three companions were too excited to notice his lack of enthusiasm of the news.

To be fair, Liam had forgiven them for all the disasters they've caused in his life, but hearing about weddings and babies made him want to take everything back. He loved them to death, but what great thing did they do to deserve such happiness? Why hadn't he been rewarded for doing everyone a favour before? Didn't they owe him for building the Fort?

There was a time when Liam had gotten tired of being 'the responsible one'. He disliked the idea of always being the bigger person even in the zombie apocalypse, but he knew it was his calling. Although Louis had finally lifted a finger to help the group when Zayn and his girlfriend left to lead the zombie hoard away from them, he was still the one who had to keep the little things in check.

Niall's meds, their food, their damn clothes -- Liam was the one who made sure they still lived like humans while surviving the horrid life and death adventure. Sure, he wasn't the happiest person while he did that, but he thought it counted for something. And that's always been the problem: he was always under-appreciated. Don't even get him started on how such feelings have been brewing even before the zombies ruined the world!

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