"NOOOOOO!" Jasper seethed, trying not to shout when filthy hands tried to pull her pants down as one of the men punched Zayn in the stomach. She kicked as hard as she can, but two men-one of them holding a knife against her throat, held her down. She loathed them. She had never despised people as much as she did now. "FUCK YOU! GET OFF ME!"

"We've got you surrounded! If you know what's good for you, both of you better get out of the house or we will burn you down!"

How did things turn out this way?

Zayn was trying not to look in her direction as the man in charge beat him up. His beautiful face was marred-his brow had been popped, and blood was dripping on the side of his face. They would have killed him on the spot if it weren't for Jasper. Of course, they decided to torture him first for killing one of their friends.

Pre-apocalypse, you wouldn't take notice of these brutes. They look like they've been on the road for a long time. They were dirty, loud, obnoxious, and the fact that they wielded guns to intimidate you-simply said, they were despicable human beings. The only way they have survived this long was because they were evil.

"Why look at this pretty little thing over here," one of the men leered at her. "It's been a while since I've had some p*ssy!"

"Stray road kill won't do it for you anymore, eh?"

"Shut your motherfucking mouth, motherfucker." He ordered Zayn tied up and then turned to Jasper. "Now I'm going to f*ck you like the bitch you are. If you behave, we'll promise not to hurt you. Can't say the same for your friend though..."

"I will fucking kill every single one of you," Zayn warned after recovering from a hard blow to the belly. He spat the blood on his mouth to the ground and glared at Jasper-who was thrashing like a wild animal on the ground. He was hyperventilating, rage flowing like thick mercury in his veins. He smiled openly as he watched her scratch one of the men's faces.

When one of the men tried to grope Jasper's privates, Zayn saw red. With godlike strength he broke from their hold, and in a flash had pierced a random branch like a stake through the man's throat, the pointed tip cracking the skull open.

A gunshot was heard.

"Make another move, pretty boy, and we'll shoot your little lady friend in the head."

That stopped Zayn at once.

They could have shot him for that, but these men would play with their food first before the grand finale. Laying his eyes on the only woman they've seen in a while, the leader grinned in anticipation.

"Now we play."

Jasper screamed as the monster struggled to get her jeans halfway down her thighs. This was really happening. She was going to get raped. They were going to use her. She tried hard not to look at Zayn, a part of her ashamed to let him see this happening to her. She remembered joking about her virginity some time ago, and this---this just took the cake. Don't cry, you idiot, Jasper scolded herself, as tears of frustration, anger, and helplessness blurred her vision. Thoughts about 'Rape Dos and Donts' flashed in her head. Pretend you want it and then kick him in the balls! But now, being restrained like this without her consent, all she could think of was the opposite. Fight, her whole being cried. FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!

"STOP!!!" Zayn yelled at the top of his lungs, his voice so loud it reverberated throughout the small abandoned town.

For some reason, the men paused.

Everyone heard the familiar hustle coming from the woods.

Laughing at the sound of approaching zombies, Zayn laughed darkly. "Now they're coming. All of them."

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