Zayn wanted to laugh at Louis' disappointed pout when his three-month old just blinked at them, her bright amber eyes regarding their guests with a curious stare. Jewel and Jasper were sitting on the other side of the room, probably talking about women stuff.

It was only the second time that Louis and Jewel had visited The Fort. Their first one had been two months ago, and they weren't wearing ONE uniforms. Now, they looked like soldiers -- complete with the combat boots and the deadpan look on their faces before they set foot inside the cabin. Louis even had a beret in hand. Their appearance told Zayn only one thing: they were here for business. Even so, only the two of them arrived in the community less than an hour after Jasper heard the choppers. They had obviously gone on foot after being dropped off somewhere near the farm.

Before recognising the two, everyone had gone into a slight form of panic arming themselves, remembering their posts, and waiting for the inevitable trouble that usually found its way to the Fort. When his best friend and his sister-in-law showed up walking side by side, sweat dripping down their faces from the long walk, everyone drew in a collective sigh of relief. It was always great to have only assumed the worst, so everyone had laughed nervously when Louis whistled their 'all is clear' signal. Zayn congratulated everyone for being so prepared; the emergency drills were paying off.

"Saaaaphire...! BOO!"

"What took you guys so long to get here anyway?" Zayn asked as Louis tried for the nth time to make his daughter notice him. He was about to tease him for getting lost in the woods, but he noticed something else. "Is that a wedding ring?!"

"You saw nothing," Louis hissed, sliding his hand in his pocket with lightning speed, a glint of mischief in his eyes. "Be quiet--"

"You got married?" Zayn asked in mild fascination, snickering as he watched Louis glance at Jewel in anxiously. "Jasper--"

Louis pounced on him then, smashing his hands over Zayn's mouth. It reminded him of how they used to have those fake wrestling matches they had with the boys. Zayn couldn't help but burst into laughter as he struggled to push Louis off of him.

"Shut the fook up--"

"Don't cuss in front of my daughter!!!"

"Really, the dad card!?"

When Sapphire cooed in her baby basket, watching them with wide eyes and a happy expression on her face, both the grown men stopped moving.

Zayn, seeing how Louis was off-guard, took the moment to holler out, "JASPER, THEY'RE MARRIED!!!"

The first to react, Jewel raised her brow and glared at Louis, obviously unimpressed. "You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

His best friend fluttered his eyelashes at her, smiling innocently. Zayn could tell that Jewel knew that Louis could easily switch from dead serious to the most cuddly thing in the world, and he always used that to his advantage.

Jasper shrieked loudly, jumped up and down, and wrapped her arms around her sister. "MARRIED!? WHAT THE FUCK!!!" She laughed as Jewel tried to keep her face neutral. "It's absolutely unfair that you didn't invite us!"

Zayn chuckled. "Wait until the boys hear about this!"

"It was supposed to be a secret," Jewel said as his wife shook her, tendrils of hair bursting from her tight bun. "You know me, never one for tradition."

Carrying a happy Zap in his arms, Louis grinned. "Well, surprise, guys! We're officially Mr and Mrs Tommo!" He snickered when Jewel rolled her eyes.

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