"So how did you know I was in my room?"

Jasper figured it was time for small talk. Since they left the pharmacy, she had mindlessly let Zayn guide her through the city and it felt like hours since they've had a conversation. Instead of heading back to her apartment and out his original exit route, they ended up taking a different direction because her street had been infested. It was probably because of the fire Zayn had ignited at the pharmacy, but who knows? The undead were probably trailing their scent. Her stomach dropped to her feet, the fear returning--

"I found a message outside," Zayn responded as he guided her to a dark alley. "I think it was that bloke who lived across your room. You can say he saved your life."

For a brief moment, Jasper remembered Josh, her neighbor and potential boyfriend. When he struggled with the zombie (the former Mrs Longhorn who was their snotty landlady) after she took a huge chunk of his arm, he had told her so calmly--blood spurting everywhere, that she should run back inside her room before he turned. That was Josh for you, all around good guy. I will remember you and your heart of gold, Jasper thought fondly, and out of her control, a fresh set of tears had fallen from her eyes.

"Was he your boyfriend?" Zayn asked all of a sudden.

The tears dried quickly. "NO!" she exclaimed, a little bit too defensively. "I mean, no. We were just friends." If Josh had been watching her from heaven with his new halo, he would've clicked his tongue disappointedly at her. How fast you forget me just because you're face to face with a hot guy, he'll probably say. How many months have you liked me, hm?

Shut up, Josh in my head, Jasper replied, I may have loved you once, but I have to move on. Glancing at Zayn's dark stubble, she mentally sighed in sheer pleasure. Besides, this isn't just any hot guy. This man saved my life, and let's be honest--how many times has a man have been given a chance to do just that? It's nice to be 'saved' for a change.

Hey, I saved you first, remember--

Shush, you don't even exist. I have to focus on the NOW--

"So you friendzoned a guy in the zombie apocalypse?" Zayn asked, interrupting her thoughts. "That's gotta be harsh." When Jasper just looked at him in shock and guilt, he laughed. "I'm kididng."

"Haha," she laughed nervously. "You got me." Jasper noticed that he didn't bother to put his bandana back on to cover his face. Did he know that she enjoyed staring at his perfect features, even if it was just sideglances most of the time? Did he know that doing so helped her take one more brave step towards this horrible world?

Zayn smiled at her and signalled her to follow him into a narrow alley. There were no zombies around. "It's getting dark, so we should probably stay put up there." Standing on a certain spot, Jasper watched him jump, his arms reaching out to pull down the latched fire escape ladder perched on the wall above them. His arms extended up, Jasper watched him as he tried to reach the handle with his fingers.

If there were zombies around, they would have killed her right on the spot, but Jasper was too mesmerized by the black tattoos peaking from between his trousers and his shirt. Was that a black heart? Was that his treasure line? Jasper could only wipe the drool on the side of her lips when he finally managed to pull the stairs down, which unfortunately created unnecessary cacophony. Before she can weakly congratulate him on pulling the stairs down, he had swiftly urged her to climb up the ladder because he can hear zombies approaching.

Biting the eco bag handles between her teeth, Jasper began to climb up, her hands and fingers experiencing a different kind of sting of cold and hurt every time they touched the steel ladder.

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