Rain was synonymous with relaxation in the farm. A lazy day, if you may call it. The group was lounging in the living room area like they were a bunch of normal young adults. The only peculiar difference was that all of them were staring at the stranger in their midst as she tried to express her thoughts. It was a rarity for one of the new guys to be so brazen in approaching the house - they truly kept to themselves most of the time, unless they met them on the farm's open fields. Hence, they were a bit surprised when they saw the hooded figure making her way through the field like she was balancing herself on a foot bridge, afraid to slip on the mud and make a fool out of herself.

"We need..." a blushing Carmen tried to explain, fumbling with her fingers, not knowing where to look. "Um, we need..." She kept glancing at Niall, hoping he would magically read her mind, but to no avail, even his friend looked perplexed, and his mouth agape.

"Just spit it out, why don't ya?" Louis said in mild amusement, although Zayn could hear the distinct impatience in his tone.

Thinking about the "new guys", it seemed Liam had taken a liking to the female leader - even if he wouldn't admit it. Wasn't it only recently that he had talked about "murdering" the new guys in their sleep if they made one mistake? It had been a few days, and they were so good on their feet, helping around the farm, that there were times when Zayn felt like they've been here all along. If he remembered correctly, the group was made of: Denice (the rookie cop leader), Carmen (the dance major), Matt (the teenage mini-Liam), Eric (the grandpa who was, according to them, a professional gardener), and the youngest of the group - Nina, who was just a year younger than Safaa.

All doubt was cast aside when Liam partnered with Denice, clearing stray zombies every morning to make sure the fences would remain secure. If the two kept it up for a few more days, Zayn knew it was as good as routine. Hence, it explained why Liam was the only one missing from their little huddle in the living room, saying he had to "fix a leak" at the barn. None of them even teased him about it, knowing everything was a sensitive matter to their no-nonsense friend.

Twisting her fingers, Carmen blushed under Louis' gaze. "Um, I... I just... It's just that there's this thing..."

"Hey, Carmen," Niall called her name, and when she met his gaze, she blushed harder, but her eyes were wide with rapt attention. "What is it? You can tell us anything."

Zayn snickered inwardly. The way Niall said that last part, you'd think they were gods. What did they have in store in the house anyway, their dwindling food supply? Still, he found it hilarious. Typical Niall, always so positive, longing to make the best out of the shittiest of situations. Distracted, Zayn put an arm around Jasper, who currently had her nose buried in one of his mother's books. She looked so cute reading. So normal. Every once in a while, her brows met together in frustration, and at times, she would squeal and sob. Fuck, I want her again, Zayn's thoughts wandered, feeling himself stirring in his jeans.

If Jasper knew she was pregnant, she showed no signs of it. It was a wearisome situation, being stuck in the farm like this. There were nights when Zayn wondered if maybe they should return to ONE just to ask for help. Sure, they've managed to keep Harry alive despite losing his arm - but childbirth? None of them had vaginas, and those who had one were inexperienced in the area. Weren't women supposed to just know, somehow?

And Harry, his poor friend, refused to leave his room-yet another problem they had to fix. In fact, he wouldn't talk to anyone except for Safaa or Jasper. At least he was eating again, Zayn thought.

"We need..." she trailed off.

"What?" Niall encouraged her softly when all of a sudden, someone lost her head.

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