Set somewhere in London, this story will focus on our quirky female protagonist named Jasper, who had been on the unlucky end of the stick when the zombie apocalypse broke out. Just as she was about to give up on living, someone saves her--and it isn't just anyone, it's Zayn Malik.

Join Jasper on her romantic and at times comedic journey with Zayn (and some others) as they create a new beginning in a world that has been overrun by the undead.


This story is dedicated to my beautiful and amazing sister BrattyBattyBoo who is just new to the wonderful and warm One Direction fandom. I have never written a story for her, despite our years writing together, and I thought why not? Even if I'm writing Hearts Devoured, I can't resist this plot when it came to me--zombies and romance had always been our favorite themes when writing for each other, after all. I love you and I hope you enjoy this story. ☺️

Please note that updates on this fic will not be as fast as Hearts Devoured, as I prefer to finish that story first. :)

A special shoutout to whammystyles for being my personal cheerleader since I joined Wattpad. #us

Happy reading, Directioners and Zombie Lovers!

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