Art school was hard.

Jasper already assumed it would be challenging, but she didn't expect it to be so difficult that she went home crying alone in her flat. Pushing Project Graffiti wasn't as easy as she thought it would be. But when she wakes up in the mornings, she knows living in the United Kingdom beat waking up in her old room back home. She had to remind herself that she was living the dream.

Jasper was agonising over a deadline, and when she dreamed that the zombie apocalypse happened, she sorta laughed at the thought that she didn't have to pass anything anymore. She didn't have to worry about her student VISA, didn't have to worry about her damn clothes every time she went to university. It wasn't like she was like the other students who were in college for the first time. She'd already graduated in one of the top schools back home, and that Jasper didn't worry about putting up faces or matching tops with the right skirts. She was tiny, but she wasn't a freshman.

She dreamed about finally being able to talk to Josh next door, and it had been so sweet. Then their neighbour interrupted their short meet-cute, and the next thing she knew, Josh was all bloody and messy and she wanted nothing more but to wake up from her sleep.

Jasper knew for a fact that she was a lucid dreamer. She can control her dreams. But the more she tried ridding her brain of thoughts of Josh dying, the more she tried to wake up, the worse she felt. All that was there were the four walls of her apartment, and the insistent need to throw herself off the window. Why couldn't she wake up from the horrible nightmare?

Ha! Her sister would have a hit with this. Jasper remembered plenty of times that her older sister had told her of having dreams about the undead, saying how she slayed each and every one of them. Instead of fear, however, fascination and excitement were in her sister's eyes. She was legitimately anticipating and wishing for the zombie apocalypse to come true. What a weirdo.

It made Jasper's heart ache. Her sister. She always knew she could make it on her own, until she remembered her sister. They were exactly 5-and-a-half years apart, and they were so different yet so alike, and Jasper knew each day spent without talking to her was a deeper hole dug in her heart. She couldn't wait to tell her about all the people and the cute guys she'd met, can't wait to tell her about the places she'd been, and visiting Le Louvre for the first time - they had so much to catch up on. It had been days since they had their last FaceTime call, both of them too busy with their respective responsibilities to even schedule a damn phone call. Damn her for being not too keen on texting 24/7.

What would she tell her sister now? That she was stuck in her horrible flat, waiting to die, unable to wake up from the zombie apocalypse nightmare that just won't end.

A nightmare?

A knock on the door rattled her thoughts.

Zayn Malik.

Jasper gasped.

A mirage of images burst in her head:

Laying her eyes on Zayn's red scarf for the first time.

His weird goggles, his face.

His gorgeous face.

Zayn kissing her.

Zayntelling her they can survive this.

Zayn holding her hand.

Zayn introducing her to the rest of his brothers.

One Direction.

Meeting the optimist Niall Horan, the moody Liam Payne.

The apathetic Louis Tomlinson and the unpredictable Harry Styles.

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