"Tommo, can I have more gauze?"

His face still turned away from the person asking - probably Niall, Louis clenched his jaw. This was the fourth time today that he had to unpack the emergency supply kit. It pissed him off because everything was supposedly in place already. They weren't supposed to be unpacking, they were supposed to be moving. Plastering a smile on his face, he turned around and handed a fresh roll to Zayn. "Oh," his countenance changed, "I thought Niall..."

"Yeah, he just left," Zayn said, and took the gauze from his hand. He didn't turn to leave at once and just looked at him. "Are you alright?"

No one was alright. They've all been ready for The Big Move. They even trained the girls to hit and kill zombies. In a fucking week. Louis shook his head. Maybe they needed more time, after all? Liam returning to ask for help was probably a sign that they needed to stay put and train to become stronger. How irresponsible can they even get-

"Louis," Zayn's calm voice interrupted his worried thoughts. "You know we have to help Liam."

Louis couldn't help but roll his eyes. "He left us without telling us his plans. I was trying to be reasonable when he said he'd leave, but I didn't expect to talk him so soon!" He turned around and zipped the bag close. "And now we're supposed to help him?!"

Zayn sighed and began juggling the ball of gauze between his hands. His best friend looked at ease about the Liam issue - although he could tell he was a bit jittery ever since he acknowledged Jasper's pregnancy. They all knew Jasper had been struggling to come to terms with the news, and she might have been taking out her aggression towards Zayn. Still, he looked happy, for some reason. It was a peculiar situation that Louis didn't even want to understand.

Bloody hell, Louis thought. I don't want to be in his shoes. Having a baby in the apocalypse was going to be one crazy ride. Still, he didn't find it in his heart to blame him. Zayn fell in love. Babies were eventually inevitable, right? Well, for once, he was glad not to be feeling anything romantic for anyone.

Louis wasn't like Liam or Zayn. He didn't need love to survive this damn zombie apocalypse. It took him a while to arrive to that conclusion, as grieving as that was... But he decided to treat it as another page in a chapter in his life. Purpose was only an illusion. If only people didn't have to depend on things like "inspiration" to survive because that was just dramatics.

However, betrayal didn't sit well with him. Louis honestly loved his brothers with all his heart. He would die for them. But Liam had been pretty much living in his own world ever since Sophie died. He was irritable, generally bitter, and even though he didn't blame him for that, Louis knew that if they were being honest, Liam blamed them for Sophie's death.

When the zombie apocalypse broke out, Liam was the most ready among them. Daddy Directioner was willing to leave his big-ass mansion and just land on top of the mountains, but before they got to leave... Niall, Louis, and Harry had told him to wait for Zayn. Their buddy had been held back in the city that day, and they bid Liam to wait for him. The excuses and arguments began.

They had to wait for him and Perrie.

Zayn has a farm.

We can go there.

Never mind the fact that Liam was willing to leave without even waiting for them. Louis couldn't blame him if he wanted to put Sophie first, but he always had this thought that they were real brothers and you never left family. And for Louis, the boys were his real family.

One Direction was family. It was stable, secure, and they never left. He was confident nothing would get in the way of their bond, because how lucky can 5 lads get, really? To be in one band and get along for years? They knew each other so well, and they put their brotherhood first before anything else. Sure, they had women, but they come and go. And he did love Sophie as a sister and considered her a part of their family, but for Liam to think they were better off without them?

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