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Can We Still Be Friends? (Jouis/Zarry/Larry) by Damari13
Can We Still Be Friends? (Jouis/ Damari13
"How about a date?" "How about, no" "Oh come on, at least get to know me first" "Exactly how if I don't enjoy your company?" &quo...
World War Zayn • ZM by jacalsainteworme
World War Zayn • ZMby Jac
When you're about to give up during the zombie apocalypse and Zayn Malik saves you, you don't succumb into depression--you fight for your life because the world might co...
Bromance One Shots (ft.Justin Bieber) by elina_stylinson
Bromance One Shots (ft.Justin εlinα
Just a book full of one-shots. I honestly come up with ideas every single hour of the day and instead of starting new books,I decided to start writing one shots. You can...
Doll  ||Zustin&Ziall by casuallyslaying
Doll ||Zustin&Ziallby Queenish.
They are both big in there own ways, Zayn classic bad boy. Justin the star boxer. I Can't sit Here and say how they will never be a thing, They already where but Justin...
DEMIGOD by mgh212
DEMIGODby ~Écarlate~
Perrie,Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne are just normal teen girls with loving families great friends and cute boyfriends just one thing their parents are Greek gods and goddesses
Charlie (Larry Stylinson AU mpreg) by JBluvs
Charlie (Larry Stylinson AU mpreg)by Shipper
Louis is a single father to three year old Charlotte Tomlinson who goes by the name Charlie with his best friend Perrie now out of the picture. Louis can't cope, when he...
The Colour In My Life - Jouis by elina_stylinson
The Colour In My Life - Jouisby εlinα
'...I'll use a brush so light and fine To draw you close and make you mine...'
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Jade thirwall and louis Tomlinson love story  by sassmaster91
Jade thirwall and louis sassmaster91
Hi!!! This is my Jade and Louis fic. It's a little mix/ 1D story so... Enjoy!! Also just let me be, the time of the release of the music won't be the real one.
Zerrie: We look so Perfect (AU) by kyooptae
Zerrie: We look so Perfect (AU)by Hi
Zayn Malik has to leave Bradford and go to London to study. At first he didn't though it will be a good year but then he meets this cute girl named Perrie Edwards and fa...
Battle Alpha • LT&NH by jacalsainteworme
Battle Alpha • LT&NHby Jac
Sequel to the zombie-romance adventure, World War Zayn, Battle Alpha picks up from where it left off: a challenge to clear the world of zombieism -- one alpha zombie at...
Alone Together. by letsbeyoung
Alone caitlin
Jade and Liam loved each other, but not many people approved. Being a couple in the lights of fame was rough. Being with a member of one of the biggest boy ands ever isn...
Your Guardian Angel by MaxinePhantom
Your Guardian Angelby bi4vi
After 23 year old Violet Adlon attempts suicide, a guardian angel is placed in her life. Funny thing about this one, she just can't get her out of her head. --- ⚠️ ATTEM...
Young || Tomlinson by FabLikeJenny
Young || Tomlinsonby Jenny
❝This just in Louis Tomlinson was seen with thirteen year old Jennifer Galvan, again.❞ ©Copyright 2014 Jenny
Pretty Face • lt+jt by mixerfanfics
Pretty Face • lt+jtby Rebecca
You're such a pretty face, But you turned into a pretty big waste of my time. copyright © 2014. recxrds + mixerfanfics
Polar Opposites *ON HOLD* (Zerrie, Jiam, Liall, and Lousy AU) by rrrrrrichlyn__
Polar Opposites *ON HOLD* ( u lik wat u c ♡
Little Mix and One Direction decided to hang out one night at Zerrie's flat. Louis brought a lamp that looks old from a random dude, and decided to play a game with it...
When lines are crossed and promises are broken (jiall,narry,hustin zustin love story) by ShamayaY
When lines are crossed and Shamaya Young
Niall horan is a regular teenager, he plays sports gets good grades and has an awesome boyfriend, Harry styles. Niall and Harry have the relationship that the whole scho...
Nobody Knows || Louis Tomlinson by shaninagrace
Nobody Knows || Louis Tomlinsonby shan
Nobody Knows. Better keep it that way. [Jade x Louis ] a/n: chapters were made way back in 2013 and published on 2014 (i think) aka cliche af and really bad writing plea...
What we used to be by BellaGrimes15
What we used to beby |~Bella~|
I'm doing this contest 1,2,3 prize's and first prize will be a dedacation and be a person in my sequel or my book here they choose Second will be dedacation and a name...