Foggy windows.

Soft touches.


"Why, Mr Malik, you look like you're absolutely relaxed," Jasper teased as they walked side by side like they usually did when there were no zombies to be beheaded. They both knew she started the jokes when she got really tired-and it didn't help that her hips were extra sore from their activities a few hours ago. They didn't have to say it, and she didn't have to ask him if he felt the same, but it was all she could think about. It was funny that all it took was the fall of humanity for her to lose her virginity and have mind-blowing, sex/love-making with the man of her dreams.

There was a gentleness to his touch, his calloused fingers. Her mind blurred with the way his tattooed arms moved between their bodies. Gliding, rubbing, touching-eager to create friction, eager to please...

And oh! Every touch brought her to what felt like heaven in this hellish world.

Glancing at Zayn, he, too, had a semi-permanent smile on his face. His eyes were smiling, his cheeks tinted pink-and it wasn't from the caked blood on his brow. He was happy. Even for just a short time, it made her ecstatic that she made him happy. Just like he made her feel... glorious.


The faint echo of their voices vibrated inside the car as they moved, as he held her down, tried to keep her nervous and uncertainly eager hips in place. He wanted her. Wanted her like no other.

For the first time since they met, he took his sweet time. Made her want it. Made her...

Made her into the woman she knew had always been.



Before this worldwide catastrophe had happened, Jasper had always been concerned about gender roles and the like. She was empowered but had always felt like she was being held back by her beliefs, the people around her... But now, all that existed was life, love, and Zayn.

Labels didn't matter anymore. To think they've known each other for just a few days, and yet, it felt like they've known each other forever. Their days dragged on-stretched into an eternity, and if only their shared time had been filled with sweetness and love. Instead, they had to fight for each breathing moment they spent awake, knowing there's danger on the hunt for them. Still...

She returned the favour.

When he had tasted her... he was surprised how much she had wanted to...

Their clenched hands swinging between them, Zayn beamed, "Well, Mrs Malik, it's all thanks to you. Although you did tire me out."

Mrs Malik? Oh god. Jasper blushed even if she did not really feeling embarrassed about his comment. Because she knew he meant it. She tried not to stare, can't believe she really did it--can't believe he was hers. A part of him would always be hers.

She didn't expect laughter.

Athoufh frustrated ones--because they couldn't move more freely in the car. It made room for more kisses. Built a strong need to prolong this moment where only the two of them existed.

"A good kind of tired," he added with a grin and kissed her knuckles. Zayn readjusted the load on his back-they managed to create a makeshift bag using the car seat cover, and held her hand again. They had to make use of every little thing they could get from the truck before they left it on the road.

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