Like a little girl who lost her mother in the mall, Jasper began to cry. "ZAYN!" She knew she had always been a crybaby, so she didn't particularly care if a zombie heard and jumped down the stupid hellhole to eat her. Because this wasn't supposed to happen. Things were supposed to be different; they were supposed to be together.

"Zayn, you idiot," she sobbed as she called his name, even if she knew he couldn't hear her. The rain had already stopped for a few minutes, as if having only made an appearance just to make their lives extra messy and miserable. Why was she surprised anyway? Of course he had to die. Just like Josh died when she was about to ask him out. Just like all the events in her life--always backtracking when she was finally close to the love of her life. "You said you would never leave me...!"

"Well, I haven't left yet..."

"You fucking liar--" she paused and choked on her tears as she turned her head upwards and saw Zayn, reaching a hand out to her. He was covered in blood. "ZAYN!" she jumped to get his outstretched hand, and the moment her foot had left the damning pit, she pounced on him. They fell on the ground just a few inches where one of the dead zombies lay, and she didn't even care. Straddling the man who saved her countless times, Jasper showered him with kisses--even if he smelled horrible. Hell, both of them stunk. "You idiot man, you!"

Despite being drained of all his energies, Zayn only chuckled and didn't complain. As she peppered him with her kisses, he combed his fingers through her curls and smiled up at her. They both paused as they stared into each other's eyes, and they were a breath away from kissing when he yelped in pain.

"What happened?" she asked worriedly, trying to check for wounds, but he quickly caught her hands and shook his head.

Zayn pointed at the big lump of undead on the far side of the camp. "That big guy over there was hard to kill. I'm sore all over!"

Feeling the moment was gone, Jasper slid off of him and helped him up. She couldn't help but notice how pained he look. There was something nagging at her, but she figured it was that she was just too eager to kiss him already. On the lips. But hey, she figured, since he was up and about, they were going to have all the kissy kissy time in the world. Still...

"We need another bath," Jasper voiced out, regarding their outfits. While Zayn was bathed in blood Elizabeth Bathory style, she looked like someone who literally crawled out from the grave. They looked far worse than all the other zombies out here. When she looked at Zayn, he was smirking.

"Trying to get me naked again, huh?"

"Stop spoiling my fun, Malik."

* * * * * *

Apparently, before the zombies realised they had walking meals in the camp, Zayn had found a well nearby. He had been excited to tell her about his new-found treasure, and on his way back, Jasper had already fallen down the pit, and one of three zombies had charged to get sushi parts of his arm. The larger one didn't see him at once for some reason--it had probably struggled to get on its feet first.

Still, both of them were relieved it was over. And now they were here, Jasper telling him to sit down on one of the stumps near the well. He was quiet--unusually so, and the troublesome feeling returned in her gut. She knew he was beyond exhausted, so even if she wanted to hear him talking about random stuff like his usual self, all she could do was look at him every five seconds, afraid he would disappear. When their eyes met, he would grin at her. When he didn't catch her staring, he appeared so distressed. He was in pain.

Jasper had taken it upon herself to draw water from the well to help them clean up. She knew she wasn't the type to shy away from hard, manual work, but this was exceptionally hard. Her earlier attempts to get out from the grave had taken its toll on her arms, hands, and fingers. When her hands didn't hold onto anything, her fingers shook so bad she almost cried. But for Zayn, she held onto the rope. Pulled the heavy pail up from the deep well, to get fresh, clean water for him. Everything she did was for him.

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