Ch. 24

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I don't say anything. I look at my plate. "Sorry, Pa. I'm staying at Paxton's."

"Adelaide, you are coming home and that's final." Pa says, glaring angrily at Paxton.

I really don't want to start an argument at Preston and Helen's table. I look down the table to Bryan, he's sulenly looking at his plate. I glance at Preston and he looks uncomfortable. He and Helen seem to be having a conversation without words. I clear my throat.

"No, I think I'll stay at Paxton's." I my voice firm, looking at my mother.

I don't want Pa to see my weakness and use it. The whole table gets quiet my father turns red. He's going to blow up. I know it.

I'm nervous and then Bryan stands up. "Well, I think dinners over. Paxton, can you give me a lift home."

"Sure." Paxton stands and pulls my chair back for me letting me up. I don't look at Pa, if I do I'll cave and go home with him. I grab Paxton's hand.

"Thank you for dinner Preston, Helen." I nod, turning to leave.

"You're most, welcome. We'll be seeing you again soon." Preston looks at Paxton, Paxton nods knowingly.

Bryan is looking at me worried. I shake my head, I want him to know I need to leave as soon as possible. He grabs my hand and pulls me out of the dining room and I'm grateful. My hand is pulled from Paxton's but I don't care, I need air now. We get to the front door and he opens the door, I rush through and the tears start falling.

I feel a hand stroke my back as I bend over with my hands on my knees, breathing harshly. "Calm down Addie, you'll be okay." Bryan comforts me. I feel arms come around my waist and I stand up turning into Paxton's chest.

"It's okay, baby." He says, one hand rubbing my back and the other my head. 'It's not okay!" I want to shout but my throat it's closing in on me.

My Pa will never forgive me for this. I've lost both my parents now. Paxton walks me to his car and opens the door I slide in and stare out the window. I hear him talking to Bryan and I can't help thinking. None of this would have happened if Paxton hadn't come along. Except, we wouldn't have a home and my mother would still be gone. I wouldn't have him and his amazing family. If I could change everything back, would I? I don't have to think about it, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm happier with Paxton then I've ever been. I want to marry him, I don't want anyone else.

When Paxton gets in the car he takes my hand and caresses the back of it with his thumb, comforting me. I lean my head on his shoulder. "He'll get over it. Everything will be okay."

"He won't. He's a very unforgiving man. That's why Trevor and I were so shocked he was letting Ma come back after taking off. If it was anyone else he'd would have written them off, like he just did me." I say, quietly.

"Just give it time, that's all he needs."

    I disagree but I don't say anything. What if he won't walk me down the aisle? I start to cry again, I never pictured my wedding day without my Pa there, telling me that I looked beautiful and that he was proud of me. I know in my heart he loves me, but he'll never look at me the same. I'll never be his little girl again. In his eyes I'm living in sin, which is unacceptable.

    We pull up to Paxton's and I let myself out and sulk to the door. My limbs feel heavy and my head hurts from crying. Paxton opens the door for us and picks me up carrying me to the bedroom and sets me on the bed.

"I'm going to run you a bath, just sit here." He walks to the bathroom and I hear the water running. I slip off my sandles and then pull my dress down and kick it off. I wait for Paxton to tell me the bath is ready me. When he's done he comes back and carries me to the bath, setting me in the bubbles carefully.

"Thank you." I say, looking up to him.

He kisses my head, "Don't thank me for doing things for you."

I lean back relaxing in his big bath tub. I must have fallen asleep, because before I know it I'm being lifted out of the water by Paxton. He sets me on the bathroom counter and wraps a towel around me. Patting me dry he lifts one of his tee shirts over my head and carries me to bed. I fall asleep instantly and dream of nothing.

I wake up feeling Paxton laying on top of me, making it hard to breathe. What the hell? I see his phone on the bedside table and pick it up. I go to the sounds and pick blow horn and turn the volume up. I put it next to his ear and hit play.

"What the fuck!" He shouts, jumping out of bed. The look on his face is priceless, I laugh. I can't stop. He just stands there confused, then he sees the phone in my hand, he lunges at me. I put the phone behind my back so he can't get it and we wrestle for it.

I can't stop laughing remembering his face when the horn went off. With his hair plastered to one side of his head and the confusion, not to mention he was completely naked.

"I wish you could have seen yourself!" I say, between laughs.

"You and your wake up calls. What did I do this time, besides breathing?" he asks, trying not to smile.

"Are you kidding? You were laying on top of me, a very punishable offense." I add seriously.

He laughs, "I like to be close to you, sue me."

"The audacity of some people, thinking everyone likes to cuddle." I shake my head sadly.

He groans loudly and kisses me softly. "You don't have any panties on." He states, his voice still sleepy.

He pushes inside me and I gasp from surprise, he moves slowly and my body awakens. He makes love to me, no part of him rushes and soon we are both sweaty and needy. He doesn't change his pace and I get frustrated. I push him on his back and climb on top, his face registers his surprise. I move my hips and he brings his hands to my sides touching my breasts. His eyes roam my body and he leans his head back moaning. I close my eyes and do the same moaning his name. He arches his body, his grunts are loud fueling my need. When I reach my peak he's with me, his fingers digging into my backside. I collapse on his chest.

A few minutes later with his voice thick. "Careful, you don't fall asleep on me. I hear it's a very punishable offense."

I snuggle closer making him moan, "I'm lighter than you, the laws that govern you, do not apply to me."

"Egregious!" He yells, earning another laugh from me.

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