Ch. 35

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We walk quietly into my bedroom. It's still early and Paxton is sound asleep. I giggle and so does our son, Ajax. I look at him and we count one, two, three. On three we jump on the bed disrupting Paxton's sleep. Ajax lands on Paxton's stomach and he lunges up holding onto Ajax's tiny body.

"Buddy, you're as bad as your mother!" He yells.

I laugh, watching Paxton tickle our four year old son. I stay out of the fray, too pregnant to join in. I'm due in another month, but I'm as big as a house. Looking at my two boys I'm happy we are having a girl. Ellie May will definitely even out the testosterone in this house.

I lean up as the tickle fight stops and kiss Paxton. Four years together and we are as in love as ever. I feel little arms wedge between us forcing us apart. We look down at Ajax who looks exactly like his father in every way. He smiles at us and we both wrap and arm around him hugging him to us. Perfect, everything is perfect.

AUTHORS NOTE: "Sweet Little Lies," is the spin-off/ sequel of this book. It follows Adelaide and Paxton's son. Thanks! XO

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