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"You stood there without clothes on!" I shout, embarrassed for him.

"Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember you had your shirt open for all to see until I came along. I thought Bryan's eyes were going to pop out of his head." He voice is teasing but his eyes are hard.

"I was somewhat covered." I counter.

"In a white button down shirt, keyword 'white'. Trust me, he saw everything." His voice is slightly irritated, but not what I expected from him.

"Shut up. This is your fault, you shouldn't have been chasing me. By the way you don't seem bothered that he seen me naked, why?"

"Oh, I don't like it. But what can I do about it? Plus, you're mine. It won't happen again, though."

"Agreed. Who just stands completely naked in front of someone and has a conversation?"

"I do. I can't help that I'm blessed. I should walk around like this all the time."

I punch his stomach lightly. "Okay, we have to go get ready. I don't know if I have anything to wear." I say, laughing.

"You do. You packed things I've never seen you in before, some still have the tags on it."

"I packed things my Ma tried to get me to wear? Great." I sulk.

"Doesn't matter. Just throw something on." He replies, taking my hand and leading me back up stairs. When we walk in the closet I see what he means. I managed to grab things I've never worn, along with a couple pairs of cut off shorts and three tank tops. Did I even pack underwear?

"Here, wear this." He says, handing me a dark blue sun dress. It's short with a square neckline.

"Did I pack underwear?" I ask, afraid of the answer.

"Top drawer." He points and starts going through his own clothes. I pull out my black bra and underwear and slip both on. Stepping into the sun dress I notice is a little tight on my chest and butt. Oh well, I don't have many options. I see my dark brown gladiator sandals and put them on.

I leave the closet to use the bathroom to freshen up. When I come out Paxton is waiting on the bed. "Ready babe? You look great."

"You don't think it's a little too tight? I think this one is older then the others. Maybe I should just stay here while you go see your father, I'm still tried from our nap and-"

"No, it's perfect. Just like you. You're going." He says, smirking.

I roll my eyes. "Originality, Mr. West is a must. Quit being so corny." He grins and comes towards me. He runs his fingers along the neckline of my dress. His eyes raking over my figure.

"You look really good in a dress. Which, reminds me. I have a fundraiser to go to Saturday, will you go with me?"

"Do I have to wear a dress?"

"Yes, but a new one, its black tie. You're going to have to get a gown of some kind."

I look at him in confusion, "I thought you said you knew me. I don't know how to pick out a dress, let alone wear one. Don't even get me started on heels."

He chuckles, "You'll be fine. We'll pick one out together." He reassures me. He takes my hand and tugs me out of the room.

By the time we get to Paxton's fathers house I'm a bundle of nerves. I feel exposed in this dress and I don't want him to think like his mother did. If I hear the word 'slut' muttered once, I'm going to make someone bleed.

"Stop being so nervous. They're nothing like my mother, I swear."

I nod my head and we go to the door. I look around the house its red brick with white columns and blue shutters on the windows. It doesn't look as big as Paxton's home but it's still big. The door opens and a pretty brunette with kind eyes stands there letting us in. I know immediately this is Bryan's mother.

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