Ch. 17

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Paxton's breathing in my ear wakes me up. So I put my hand on his face and turn his head away from me. And fall back on his shoulder trying to get more sleep.

"You're so violent when you wake up." He mutters sleepy.

"I wouldn't be violent if you stopped breathing." I mutter.

"You want me to stop breathing. Wow, forget violent, you're straight homicidal when you wake up."

"You were breathing in my ear." I accuse.

"Of course, that's enough reason to shove my face with your hand and tell me to quit breathing." He adds, sarcastically.

I ignore him and ask, "Why do I feel so tired? I feel old, all my muscles are sore."

"Keep talking about being old and I'll slap you with my birth certificate." He threatens and I laugh.

"Slap me with your birth certificate? Is someone just like his mommy and fighting their age?"

"No." He grumbles.

"Oh, Mr. West is sore about his age I see. Don't worry you're aging gracefully. Grey hair is very distinguished, like George Clooney or Sam Elliot."

"Watch it babe. I keep my birth certificate in the same drawer as the condoms."

"What? I'm trying to make you feel better about being so old. You're being ungrateful." I huff.

He growls and flips me over tickling me, " Careful." I say, between laughs. "You don't want to break a hip." When he glares at me and tries opening his table side drawer. I jump out of bed running. I grab a dirty shirt off the door and run down the hall putting it on.

    When I get to the bottom of the stairs I turn the corner to go the kitchen when I run head on into someone. I almost fall back but I feel arms go around me stopping my fall. When I look up I see the Pharmacist looking down at me with his mouth hanging wide open.

"I'm so sorry! Did I hurt you?" I ask, quickly.

He swallows and shakes his head. "Fuck. Bryan, what are you doing here?" Paxton asks, coming up behind me.

Bryan let's go of my arms and looks at the wall. I feel Paxton arms come around pulling the shirt closed. Oh. My. God. I feel my cheeks heating up and I cross my arms looking at the ground.

"I came to see you. My mom called me, said you were getting married and your mother isn't too happy about it." He chuckles.

"Yeah, she was here. Is she sending everyone out?"

"Of course. Did you expect anything less? Your dad doesn't care though, told her to quit meddling." I watch his feet shift.

"Sorry, about coming in. Your door was open." He explains, awkwardly.

"My mother must have left it open when she left."

I can't help but remembering the condoms and I start laughing."I can't believe you two know each other. I didn't think that day could have gotten any more embarrassing. How very wrong I was." I start, giggling.

Bryan laughs, "Yeah, didn't think I'd meet the guy you described. How are the condoms working out?"

I shrug. "I don't know, I didn't have to wear it. Paxton?"

"He was the Pharmacist you had to ask?" He starts, laughing then glares at Bryan. "I hate those things. Couldn't you have suggested birth control pills?"

"Sorry, I was busy trying to get through explaining how they worked to suggest just the pill. Not to mention how insanely jealous I was that she had a boyfriend. Wait it's fiancée, now. Moving fast aren't you?" he asks, jokingly.

"How do you know each other?" I ask.

"We're step brothers, my father divorced my mother and married his mother." Paxton answers.

"I don't see why. Your mother is such a lovely women." I tease.

"So, I should probably call my father and explain a few things." Paxton states, irritated.

"Actually, he wants both of you over for dinner tonight."

"I hope meeting your father goes better then meeting your mother."

"It will." He says, assuringly.

"Why do you sound so sure?"

"He loves beautiful women. He'll probably beg you to run away with him once he meets you." Paxton replies.

"Well, a woman can't complain about having older distinguished men chasing after her."

"I'm going to smack your ass red if you keep it up." He threatens his eyes serious.

"Paxton, careful. You shouldn't exert yourself at your age." I scold, sounding completely serious. I fight my smile and when I feel his hand connect with my backside I jump. I can't help but laugh, I love that I have this to tease him about.

"I hate you." Bryan announces, glaring at Paxton.

"Don't be jealous. I can't help it if I found her first."

Bryan narrows his eyes. "Anyway dinner is in an hour, I'll see you two there. Get some clothes on, Paxton. Jesus." He adds, walking by. I look down and see he didn't even bother putting his underwear on.

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