Ch. 4

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After hanging up on Paxton I finished breakfast and load the dish washer. I can't stop thinking about him. It doesn't help that I feel the delicious soreness between my legs every time I move. I will admit that last night was beyond words. I don't know why, but I'm very attracted to him. Even his cold hard eyes are plaguing me. Ugh, I'm one of those girls.

I walk outside and see Pa and Brent trying to fix the tractor, again. Making my way to the stables, still tired but knowing I need to start mucking stalls. I take Pa's horse Blaze out to the house corrale and walk back taking the wheel barrow with me. Using the pitch fork I toss out the old hay into the wheel barrow and take it to the yard compost pile. Putting down fresh hay I turn to bring blaze back in. Hands come around my waist pushing me forward back into the stall. I look up to see Paxton smirking down at me.

"What are you doing here?" I ask looking around. Hoping I don't see Pa, Brent or Trevor.

"I gave you a time limit." He says.

"I told you to forget last night ever happened." I challenge.

He grunts and pushes me against the wall of the stall. Crushing his lips on mine. I start to push him away, but he doesn't move and I get lost in his kiss. He grips my butt and lifts me, setting me at the juncture of his hips and thighs. He pulls off one boot at time and let's then fall to the ground. Our kiss heats up even more and before I know it I'm pinned against the wall rubbing myself against his erection. When I hear the tractor backfire I pull back from our kiss quickly. I look up to him and his eyes are captivating. I unwrap my legs from his waist and he lets me slide down. He unbuttones my jeans and pushes them down lifting me up and out of them. Settling me right back to the same position as before. I shake my head. That was fast.

"No. I can't." I state, looking around.

    I feel him slide the front of my panties to the side and his fingers find my wetness. I hear his zipper and in the next breath he's buried inside me. I moan into his neck. His thrusts are fast and hard. I'm still sore from last night, but the ache becomes need as I near my orgasm. I feel him nibble on my ear lobe and his panting in my ear makes me come apart. I try to muffle my groan as I grind myself on him. He thrusts a few more times and grunts. We're both sweaty and breathing hard.

"You want me to forget that?" He asks.

"Well, You don't have too, but I need to. You have to go." I order quietly, looking for my brothers and Pa. Hopefully,
they're busy somewhere else. I bend down and pick up my pants. Paxton takes them and tosses them to the side. I look at him confused.

"You're mine now. I expect you at my house every night until we're married. Then I expect you to be home every morning and every night." He demands.

"You really need to learn to listen. We have no deal. I'd rather lose this place then marry someone I don't love."

His eyes narrow on mine and he backs away. "Have it your way. Your family is about to lose everything. I'll start the paperwork today." He replies and walks away. At the door to the stall he stops. "I've been with you three times, I haven't used protection." He adds, calmly.

    Asshole. I bend over and pick up my discarded jeans and yank them on. Then I shove my feet into my boots. I'm pissed off. I hate that I lose control with him. I hate that I didn't think about protection. I'm twenty- three years old and I acted like a horny teenager. I finish the stalls and not a moment passes that I don't think of Paxton West. I look at the clock it's eleven I better get inside and start lunch. I walk to the back door that leads to the kitchen and take off my boots. After washing my hands at the sink I take out all the fixings for sandwiches. I make them all up and put chips on the table along with some ice tea. I hear a door slam and Liam walks into the kitchen.

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