Ch. 31

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We land in Las Vegas and I look at Paxton who is still gripping the arm rest. When the plane stops and we are allowed to leave I see Paxton's whole demeanor change. He smiles at me brightly as we walk off the plane. "Are you happy, it's over?" I tease, laughing at the change in him.

"Yes, that's part of it." He admits, grinning. I see that twinkle in his eye. He's up to something.

"What is the other part?" I ask, suspiciously.

"The next time we make love, we'll be married. I'm very happy about that."

"We're getting married today?"

"Of course, I have our marriage license and there's no reason to wait. I also don't want to stay here for more then a couple days. I'd like to get to the honeymoon part." He states, smirking wickedly. I hit his arm chuckling.

"I'm ready for that part too." I agree. We come to the luggage carousel and wait for our bags to come through. When they do Paxton won't let me help take them off, but he lets me pull it behind me as we leave the airport.

Outside of the airport it's hot. The air feels like a thick blanket, I instantly start to sweat. A limo pulls up after Paxton makes a phone call and the driver exits the car and opens the door for us. I slide in first and the air conditioning it's a welcome relief from the heat. I hear the driver putting our luggage in the trunk, then we pull away from the curb shortly after.

"Where are we going? Where are we staying?" I question.

"We're going to get married at a chapel on the strip and then we'll go the the Wynn hotel where will be staying." He answers, still smiling. I don't think he's stopped smiling since we've gotten off the plane.

I watch the scenery fly by. We get to what I know people refer to as the 'Las Vegas strip'. I see a few wedding chapels as we're driving. When we pull into one I can see is not a very busy place. Our driver stops and opens the door for us.

Paxton exits first then helps me out offering me his hand. Walking into the building I can feel my nerves. I'm excited about it, but I definitely start to feel my stomach turn over. I feel Paxton squeeze my hand and I give him a shaky smile.

"It will be painless, I promise." He jokes.

"Sorry, I'm ready. It's just nerves." I notice he's carrying a folder "What is that?" I ask.

"A list of addresses and our marriage certificate." he answers as we get to the front desk. Sitting behind the counter is a women probably in her forties with a dark tan and big puffy brown hair. Her face must have a inch of foundation on it and she has full red lips. She smiles and introduces herself.

"I'm Rita Simpson what can I do for you?"

"Paxton West, I made an appointment with you."

"Mr. West it's a pleasure. Welcome, we have everything you requested ready." A man comes out of the back as she speaks. He's in a black tux. He has light brown thinning hair and dark eyes. He's smiling from ear to ear.

"Rita, why don't you take the future Mrs.West into the back to get ready." He says.

Rita comes towards me and I look at Paxton who smiles at me reassuringly and nods, telling me to follow Rita. She takes me to a room in the back of the building. She opens the door and I go in after her. My eyes land on a perfectly white dress hanging on a clothes rack. The dress is stunning. It's a tight mermaid style with a heart shaped neck line and a lace over lay. I immediately want to wear it. Rita goes to the dress and turns to me.

"Is going to look stunning on you." She gushes happily. "Lidia, will be here soon to do your hair and makeup."

"That's my dress?" I ask stupidly.

"Yes, Mr. West had it sent over along with flowers and his tux. I made your hair and makeup appointment for him of course. I booked the best hair and makeup stylist in Las Vegas." She announces proudly.

I smile. "Thank you." I admire the dress until there's a knock at the door and a younger women about thirty five walks in with a suitcase being pulled behind her.

She's really pretty with black hair and dark eyes and dark skin. "You ready to look fabulous on your wedding day?" She asks, brightly.

I nod a little overwhelmed. This is my wedding day! I feel a little dazed about everything still. I want Paxton to be here with me, I need his reassuring smiles.

"Come sit over here and I'll start on your makeup and hair." Linda says, motioning to the vanity. I move to sit at the stool and she runs her fingers through my pony tail. "What do you want done?"

I shrug. "Whatever will look good with the dress."

"Okay, I think a simple romantic updo with curls will look great and for makeup will play up the eyes and do a dramatic lip." Linda says taking my hair down.

"That sounds great. Thank you."

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