Ch. 33

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I notice Paxton keeps looking at me as we check into our hotel room. We have a suite on the top floor, of course. Only the best for Paxton West.

When I catch him looking at me yet again I whisper, "What? Do I have something in my face?"

He smirks, I know that smirk it's a very naughty smirk. "No, I'm just thinking about all the things I'm going to do to you in this dress."

I feel my cheeks heat under his intense gaze. He pulls me closer kissing my neck. I look around and we seem to be getting a lot of attention. I elbow him, "Stop. People are looking at us."

"So, let them look." He replies.

I moan when he doesn't stop. Finally, we get our key cards from the women behind the desk and we head for the elevator. When the doors close, Paxton turns me in his arms and kisses me soundly. He doesn't stop until the elevator doors open letting more people on. I turn around and I'm pressed against his chest. His phone starts to vibrate and he takes it out of his front jacket pocket.

"Bryan, what's up?" he answers. I feel his whole body go tense and I look back at him. His eyes close and he's listening to whatever Bryan is saying. "We're on our way back. I'll call you when we land. We're in Las Vegas but we'll get the first flight out." I hear Bryan shout something as Paxton hangs up.

I feel my heart beat pick up, something big happened. He looks down and his sad eyes meet my anxious ones. "My dad was in a car accident."

I gasp, I turn back and hug him tightly offering any comfort that I can. l don't know if I should ask how Preston is doing. If it was fatal or not, so I keep quiet. He calls someone at the hotel telling them to check us out and bring our luggage back down. Then he calls John our limo driver to pick us back up from the hotel.

Next, he calls the airport to see if we could depart anytime soon. I see his agitation and then he books a private plane. Standing outside the hotel our bags come out and Paxton tips the bell boy. He helps John put our bags in the trunk. I open the door and slide in waiting for Paxton and John to finish. I just can't believe Preston was in a car accident.

Paxton slides in next to me and I caress his hand. "We'll, go on a honeymoon as soon as I know my dad will be okay. I promise, baby."

I let out the breath I'd been holding. "Oh, thank God. I didn't know if he was alive or not, it was killing me. Don't worry about a honeymoon right now. I want to get back just as badly as you do."

He realizes, he never told me Preston was alive still. "Shit, babe. I'm sorry I wasn't thinking clearly. He is alive, they had to do surgery on his right leg. He will be out of surgery by the time we get back home."

"He's still young. He'll be okay, Paxton." I state, strongly. He kisses my temple.

"I hope you're right babe, I don't want to lose him before he gets to be grandparent."

I nod "I don't want him to miss out on that part of his life either. Let's tell him when he gets a little better, maybe it will keep him in good spirits." I offer. He smiles down at me and nods head.

An hour later we're on a private plane headed home. We land and a dark SUV is waiting for us. Our luggage is loaded and we leave for the hospital. I'm still in my wedding dress and Paxton is in his tux. "What about your car?" I ask, thinking about it as we leave the airport.

"I'll get it another time. I don't want to take anymore time then necessary getting to the hospital." He answers. I snuggle into his chest. It's already been a long day, is now seven o'clock which is the earliest we could get back to Vegas on such short notice. His arms wrap around me and I fall asleep.

"Wake up baby, we're here." Paxton says, kissing me awake. I open my eyes and watch as Paxton climbs out. I slide out after him and we walk into the lobby of the hospital, Bryan meets us. "How's he doing?" Paxton asks.

"He's doing fine. He's out of surgery. He's resting right now. I'll show you to his room." I notice Bryan looks tired and definitely not like himself.

I hug him. "How are you and your mom holding up?" I ask.

"She's doing better now that Preston is out of surgery. I think we'll all be a lot better when he wakes up." He answers, hugging me back and keeping his arm around me we walk to Preston's room.

We walk in quietly. I see Helen sitting beside the bed, her eyes swollen form crying. Paxton goes to her and puts his hand on her shoulder.

"He'll be okay, the doctors said with rehab his leg will be fine in a few months." Helen tells him. Then she notices our outfits. "You got married?" her voice raises excitedly.

"Yep, we eloped." Paxton answers smiling.

"How did you have time for that? You left this morning?" Bryan asks, stunned.

"We went as soon as we landed. You called when we we're checking into our hotel." Paxton explains.

"Well, congratulations. Preston we'll need some good news when he wakes up." Helen says, happily. I look at Bryan and he seems upset. I hope he's doesn't know something we don't, like Preston being upset that we eloped.

"Why would you elope? You were getting married in two weeks." Bryan asks, confused but happy for us.

"I wanted to." I confess. "Sorry, if we upset anyone, but the wedding just didn't seem right. It seemed like we we're doing it for everyone else and not for us." I explain, honestly.

Helen smiles, "No one here is upset about it. I know Preston will be over the moon that you're apart of our family."

I return her smile and sit on the couch, Bryan joins me. Leaving the other chair by the bed open for Paxton to sit at. We wait another two hours before Preston starts to wake up. When he does he is confused and in pain. We stand outside as the doctors and nurses come in to give him pain meds and check his vitals. An hour passes and we're allowed back in. Preston looks more comfortable and alert than before.

When he sees Paxton he smiles. "Tell me you ran off and married that girl." He orders, smiling at us.

I laugh and Paxton answers, "You bet your ass I did. I couldn't wait another day."

"That's my boy." Preston replies, "Welcome to the family, Adelaide."

"Thank you." I reply.

"There's more good news. Adelaide is pregnant." Paxton announces. Preston is shocked, but he laughs and his eyes get bright.

"Son, you're full of good news. Next you'll be telling me it's twins." Preston says, his eyes filling with tears.

"We won't know until we go to the doctors. We just found out and eloped." Paxton takes my hand and kisses it. Helen stands up coming over to us she hugs Paxton and me.

"I'm going to be a grandma!" She shouts happily. I walk to Preston and kiss his cheek.

"We'll name our first boy after you." I promise. Preston holds my hand as his tears fall.

"Okay, no more. I can't take anymore." Preston, says laughing.

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