Ch. 28

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I look at Paxton, how the hell did he get here so fast? Not that I'm complaining.

"I told you to let her go." Paxton, says his voice hard.

Davy finally let's go, looking truly defeated and angry about it. I really don't want them to fight so I go to Paxton's side and push him away from Davy. He goes willing, not taking his eyes off me the whole time.

"Are you okay?" he asks, concerned.

"I'm fine. How did you get here so fast?"

"I may have been parked at the end of the driveway to come drag you back home." He admits. I narrow my eyes.

"Drag me back." I repeat, a little irritated. He cringes at the sound of my voice. Good, at least he knows I'm not happy with his high handedness.

"You hung up after I heard a loud bang, or I wouldn't have come. I was going to wait for you to come to me."

I scoff, we both know he wouldn't have waited. Not after I told him I loved him. He strokes my cheeks, I know we're both thinking about the same thing. I know looking at him now that we belong together.

"You need to wash your mouth so I can kiss you." He states, adamantly. Pushing me towards the bathroom. I look around the living room, Davy left at some point because he's not here now. I'm greatful I really didn't want them to fight.

I walk to the bathroom and use mouthwash and wipe my lips off with water. I know Davy didn't mean anything harmful from the kiss. He was just desperate and it was a last ditch effort to win me over. I don't have any ill will toward him and hope he finds someone who returns his love.

I open the bathroom door and Paxton is pacing the hall waiting for me. I walk to him and he opens his arms. I wrap my arms around him and squeeze myself to him. He's so warm and comfortable. His fingers dig in my hair and bringing my face away from my chest.

"I love you." He says, looking into my eyes.

"I love you, too." I reply. When his mouth reaches my lips they are firm and hot on mine. Our kiss goes on until I feel my back hit the wall and I know it's time to stop. I push on his chest lightly.

"Come home." He begs.

    I nod my head yes and I feel the tension leave his body as he pushes me against the wall again. He stares at me with such intensity I start to squirm. Silently he takes my hand and starts walking to the door. I grab my phone and purse from the sofa on the way. He leads me to his car, opening the door for me, I get in. I text Trevor that I'm going back to Paxton's. I don't get a response, so he's either busy or not happy about it.

    When we get back to his house he orders pizza and we sit on the couch watching another movie. We are only a quarter of the way through when the doorbell goes off.

"That's the pizza, pause this, I'll be right back." I press pause and wait for him to get back.

After a few minutes he still isn't back and I get up to see what's keeping him. I walk to the front door and Bethany is standing there arguing quietly with her son, I'm guessing about me. I take a deep breath and walk up behind Paxton and wrap my arms around him.

"I was just congratulating Paxton for coming to his senses and getting rid of you. I guess there was no need." Bethany sneers.

"Well, we are postponing the wedding, so that should make you happy." I reply, sweetly.

"The pizza is here, Mother it was a pleasure." He kisses her cheek.

I chuckle and wait with him for the pizza, watching Bethany leave just as the delivery guy comes up the steps. Paxton pays and we go back to the sofa. When Paxton opens the box I gag and run to the bathroom. The smell was awful, the smell of the pepperoni was disgusting. I start dry heaving and Paxton comes in with a glass of water. I take it and rinse out my mouth. I flush the toilet and stand hunched over because me stomach is still upset. Paxton feels my head.

"You don't have a fever." He comments with concern. "Do you want to go to the doctors?"

"No, I just want to brush my teeth and go to bed." I reply, my voice raspy.

He picks me up and carries me to our room, not stopping until we're in front of the sink. "Do you want to take a bath?"
I shake my head no and start brushing my teeth.

When I'm done Paxton takes me to the bed and undresses me quickly and pulls one of his shirts over my head. He pulls down the covers and I slip in turning onto my side, I chose my eyes. "Thank you." I say, quietly.

"I told you not to thank me when I take care of you." He fake scolds. His hands rub my forehead until I fall asleep.

I wake up sweating and being crushed yet again by Paxton. I notice I have all the blankets on me and Paxton is on top of those. I look at the bedside table it's 7:00 a.m. Then I see the glass of water next to the clock. I squirm until I can reach the glass and pick it up. Bringing it over Paxton's head I empty about half the glass before he shoots out of bed. He glares at me soaking wet.

I smile, "Now your about as wet as I am."

He gives me a dirty grin, "Oh, yeah."

"Not in that way, I'm sweating to death. You put all the blankets on me then laid on top of me." I complain.

He looks at me, "Yeah, I thought you were getting sick." He climbs back onto the bed shaking his head so the water flies everywhere getting me and the bed wet. I giggle and he tackles me pining me to the bed and running his wet head all over my face and neck. I start feeling sick again.

"Paxton stop, I'm going to be sick." He jumps off of me and I run to the bathroom.

I feel the bile and acid in my throat. The dry heaves take over and I feel drained of all my energy. Great, I have the flu. Paxton comes in with water and a thermometer.

He holds out the water for me to take and I use it to rise my mouth out like last night. He helps me sit on the toilet lid and puts the thermometer under my tongue. When it beeps he takes it out. "You don't have a fever. I'm calling the doctors."

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