Ch. 29

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"Don't call the doctor it's just the flu." I tell him, waving away his concern.

"What if is not?" Paxton asks, nervously.

"What else could it be? Trust me I'll be fine. It just has to run it's course." I assure him.

"A baby."

I'm not being a baby! I glare at him...Oh! I feel my mouth drop open.

"Go to the store and get a pregnancy test, now!" I yell. He runs out of the bathroom and I can hear him getting dressed, then a minute after that I hear the front door slam. Pregnant, pa will definitely not talk to me again. I think back to the times we weren't safe, we were asking for it. I feel so stupid. I wonder if Paxton will be mad..It's half his fault, he better not be.

I'm not ready for a baby, my life is chaotic enough. I brush my teeth and go to the bed, feeling light headed I lay back down. I know Paxton is freaking out, he has to be. I feel like crying, I know Paxton is right, I'm pregnant. I haven't had my period, what am I going to do. What are we going to do. I don't want to put pressure on our relationship, but I want to bring this child in the world as a married women. I want to share the same last name.

Minutes later I hear the door slam and Paxton rushing up the steps. He has a bag and he comes to the bed and dumps or the contents. their must be fifteen different pregnancy tests. I roll my eyes and grab the one near me and walk to the bathroom.

"Wait, take more then that one. This one says three minutes. That one is five minutes." He adds, pointing to my hand.

I open my hand and he tosses me the three minute one. I make it to the bathroom. I rip into the box and bring out the first test. Quickly reading the directions I take the test. After I'm done I set it on the sink and wash my hands. The door opens and Paxton walks in and watches the test intently. He's so still, I don't even see him blinking. I pace the floor for what seems like forever.

When I hear him yell, "Yes!" and pick up the test happily. I'm not pregnant. I let out a relieved breath. Must be the stress that's screwing up my period. Paxton hugs me tightly. "I'm going to make an appointment for the doctors." He says excitedly in my ear. Why?

"What do you mean?"

"For the baby, you need vitamins and stuff."

"I'm pregnant?" I screech.

"Yeah." He answers, hesitantly.

"You were so happy, I thought it was negative." I explain, seeing the confusion on his face.

"No, it's positive."He looks apprehensive about my reaction.

"Oh." I look at his smile, "You're happy about this?"

"No. I'm ecstatic, over the moon, so much more then just happy. You're not?"

"I think I'm just shocked and confused. I'm not sad or regret anything, I'm's a lot to take in. You know?"

"Yeah. But it will be great." He grip my hips with his hands and his forehead meets mine. "Don't be scared, we'll be fine. I love you."

I nod, "I love you too. My dad is going to kill me."

"Vegas?" he asks, happily.

I think about it. "Yeah, Vegas."

He runs out of the bathroom and yells back. "Start packing!"

"Are you serious?"

"Yep." I hear him on the phone talking to someone making the travel arrangements. He's serious, I walk out to see him throwing things into a suitcase, I see another right beside it with my things in it. I just stand watching him pack both suitcases. What did I agree to?

"Are we moving there?" I ask when he hangs up the phone.

He looks up, "No, you think it's too much?"

"I think that's enough for me, thanks." I reply, motioning to the bag over flowing with my clothes.

"Yeah, I think that's enough." He agrees, proudly. "Our plane leaves in two hours." Jeeze that was fast.

"Well, I'm packed." I say, sarcastically.

"Get dressed I'll go find some crackers to help with your stomach." I pick out a simple light pink dress and slip it on, then my sandals. I walk back to the bathroom and put my hair up in a pony tail and brush my teeth. I take my
toothbrush and pack it with my things and zip it up. I'm ready, I can do this. I want to do this.

Paxton comes in with a box of crackers and a bottle of water. "I'm going to pack the car and we'll head to the airport."
"I can carry my bag down."

"No, I don't want you to lift anything too heavy." I give him a narrowed look, I hope he's joking. Looking at his face I know he's serious. He drops the crackers and water on the bed and carries both suitcases out of the room. I pick up the crackers, water and my purse and follow him to the car.

I open the door and get in after I buckle my seat belt I open the crackers. I don't feel sick but I do feel hungry. I rub my stomach, I can't be far along a month at the most. I can't believe how much Paxton has changed my life. I feel like I'm speeding through so much. I blinked and now I'm pregnant and getting married.

"Ready, babe?" Paxton asks, getting in the car and starting the engine. He's so happy, it's contagious.

"Yeah, I'm ready." I answer. "How long is the flight? I've never flown anywhere before."

"About an hour and a half. Are you nervous about flying?"

"No, not really. I'm not afraid of heights or anything, I get the window seat." I call dibs.

He chuckles, "Of course you get the window seat. You'll like the view. I should have wait to get a night flight do you could see the lights as we flyover the strip." He says, disappointed.

"No, I want to get there. I'd go crazy thinking about everything until we left."

"That's why I booked it so fast. I didn't want to give you time to change your mind." He looks at me with his mischievous grin. I slap his arm and we both laugh.

Twenty minutes later we enter the airport Paxton parks at the long term parking lot. I look at him about to question him about the long term parking.

"I was thinking we might fly somewhere for our honeymoon after Vegas. What do you think?" he asks.

"Honeymoon, where?"

"It's a surprise." He taunts.

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