Ch. 6

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After the hug and kiss Paxton gave me in full view of everyone, they start accepting the fact we're together. I guess seeing us with their own eyes was enough. It was still awkward and quiet at times. Especially, when Paxton touches or show any affection towards me. It's starting to get late and the guys, meaning my brothers and their friends have been drinking. I can recognize when they have had enough, because they start talking about the stupid things they did when they were younger. In some cases younger means four years ago.

I'm listening to the story about Brent stealing Walter Fisher's tractor for the millionth time and Paxton is sitting next to me with his arm around my shoulders playing with my hair. Brent is finishing the story when I hear Dave Wiener cut him off. Yes, we make fun of Dave's last name, but apparently he has a big 'last name', if you know what I mean.

"Alright, I have to say something here. What the hell, Adelaide?" He asks, frustrated and hurt.

I look at him not understanding the question. "What are you talking about, Davy?" I respond, confused.

"Out of all the men in the world. You choose him. What the hell? You know he's gotten rich off of people in this town and the next. I mean Dammit he was foreclosing on your daddy's property and you're staying with him. This isn't you doll face, he's not for you."

"Really? Well, I don't think it's up to you." I reply, smiling at him to soften my words.

"Doll, he's a parasite, feeding off of the people in this state. Don't you care about his reputation at all?" he continues his rant.

"Leave it alone, Davy. You don't even know him." I state, defensively.

"I don't want to know him. None of us do, he's not good enough for you!"

I look to everyone sitting around us, everyone seems to be looking elsewhere. "You all feel the same?" I ask, getting mad.

One by one they start to look my way, nodding their agreement with Davy. I look at Paxton but he just looks bored, not at all bothered by their opinions.

"Well as long as you all agree, why don't you get together and choose my husband for me? Obviously, I'm too stupid to do it myself." I state, seething.

"It's not that you're stupid, it's just you don't see him for what he is." Davy clarifies.

"I can see just fine Davy. What are you? The spokesman for the cowardly? I want to hear from the rest of the peanut gallery, you've had your say."

"Come on A, don't be like this. We're all concerned. You're throwing your life away with him. Any of us would be better for you, then him." Jay Towers another family friend, who I've know my whole life adds.

"Well, then let's just put all your names in a hat? I'm done talking about this, move on." I order bored.

"Why him?" Davy angrily asks again.

I snap. "Why not him Davy? It's not like I have suitors lined up around the block for me. I'm done with this conversation." I yell, for the second time.

Everyone is quiet. "Is that why? You think no one likes you? Trust me doll all you have to do is smile at any one of us and we'll drop to our knees." Davy replies.

    I stand up and walk away, I can't believe how my friends are acting. They've heard of Paxton West and are judging him before they even get to know him. Why am I even defending him? He is what they think. Paxton is making me marry him to save my family. He's all about contracts and his own needs. He didn't seem to care about what they said, I should have left it alone.

    I get to my room and walk to the bed throwing myself on top of the covers, I burying my head in the pillows. I feel the bed dip and look over to see Paxton sitting on the side of the bed. "Why did you defend me?" he asks, looking bewildered. I let out a huff, noticing his face is truly perplexed.

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