Ch. 13

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Tomorrow! I have to wait until tomorrow too see her! How can I get her to go against her father and move in with me? I won't rush her to marry me, knowing that she likes me is enough...for now. But I want to have her here with me. Dinners, watching television, talking...or more likely arguing, breakfasts. Waking up with her, like she was really mine.

I'll admit when she said she hated me for making me marry her I panicked. If she truly hated me I'd never make her marry me. I was prepared to walk away from her after what she said. Then being Adelaide, she attacked me. When she tackled me I was shocked at first. Then she confessed, she doesn't hate me she likes me. She had every right to be mad.    
    Her first relationship was a forced one. I was forcing her life to change so quickly she didn't have any time to adjust. She told me at my office I could have had her for free. I should've called everything off then. I care about her and her feelings, I was being selfish and stupid. I thought we were so great together, that she'd feel the same. Instead, she was feeling pressured. She had no say in her own wedding. How could I have thought she would be fine with everything?

    She's right, I am an arrogant jerk. Not with her though, not anymore I will make her want me as much as I want her. I didn't think I would care if she didn't love me before we got married. When we were at her truck I surprised myself when I said I'd get her to fall in love with me. Now, that's all I want. I want to know she loves me when she walks down the aisle.

I agreed to her compromise of a couple nights here with me, but her sneaking out like I'm a dirty little secret pisses me off. If she wants to be with me she shouldn't care what her father thinks. I want to spend time with her, not just my nights. I should go to her....nah, I'll just get a warm wake up call like I did last time.

    Tomorrow, I'm going to bring her here for dinner. I'll rent a movie and we can talk about us. Then, on Saturday I have a black tie gala to go to that I want her to come as my girlfriend. I hate that she's reduced to my girlfriend. I wonder if she'd agree to being engaged for as long as she wants....No, I want to ask her to marry me the proper way. I want to ask her father for his blessing. I know how important he is to her.

    I can't get over how her mother left her father. I've always known Adelaide was nothing like her mother in looks or personality. It was a running joke in Marquette. I know with every fiber of my being, that if I lost everything tomorrow, Adelaide world still be with me. She has her loyalty and once it's given, she doesn't back away from anything. She's the strongest women I've ever met, nothing like her weak willed mother.

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