Ch. 7

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I grab Paxton's arm. "Why are you going to fight him?"

"Why? Are you kidding, me? Look what he just did. That's reason enough."

"He's drunk." I remind him.

"Not that drunk." He grumbles, still walking to the front door. I don't respond and when we get outside a few truck's are parked with there lights on. I see Davy with his shirt off, ready to fight. Paxton walks into the circle the guys have created. This is ridiculous, drunk cowboys are never fun.

Paxton takes off his jacket, "Can you hold this for me, baby?" He asks, handing me his suit jacket. I take it from him and he starts unbuttoning his dress shirt. I'll never understand why guys need to take their shirts off to fight. I wait patiently and he turns to me and hands me his dress shirt.

"You're dead." Davy says, charging. "How did you get those scratches on you back? Already cheating on her?"

Paxton turns and doesn't say anything, just smiles unapologetically. Davy narrows his eyes, realizing who made the claw marks. He starts closing the gap and Paxton meets him. Blocking Davy' s first swing Paxton punches his side. I can't watch, the dull thud of Paxton's fist hitting his side is repulsive. I turn around and walk back into the house. Brent follows me all the way to my room.

"What? Brent." I question, tiredly.

"Do you love him?"

I don't have to ask who but I want to, so I can't stall. "I'm marrying him." I answer, avoiding the question.

"When I thought of you and him together, It didn't make sense. Seeing him with you, it starts to make become clear. You change him when you're around, he softens in a way and becomes more human. I think you're good for him. But, I don't want him to change you."

"He won't."

"He will. His life is not our lives, Addie. Don't you see that?"

"Brent, he doesn't care what I do. I can work the farm and do everything I'm doing right now. All he wants is to get married."

"He should have married you before he touched you." He snaps back.

"That was my fault, I wanted to talk him out of marriage. It didn't work, he wants to be together."

"You don't feel the same?"

I rub my temples with my fingers. "I just had second thoughts. With Ma leaving and everything. I didn't want to leave you guys too."

Since when did I become so well at dodging questions? Maybe lying can be sexually transmitted. "We just want you to be happy Addie. If he makes you happy that's all we care about."

"Thank you, Brent." I reply, relieved.

My door opens and Paxton walks in with his shirt and jacket in his hands. I see he has a small cut on his eyebrow, other then that he looks fine. "Done?" I ask.

"Yeah." He responds, with a smirk. If I didn't know better, I'd say he had fun.

I can't help it I giggle at his happy smirk. "Fun was it? I take it you won." He smiles his big smile and leans over to peck my lips.

"I never lose."

"Arrogant asshole." I say, rolling my eyes. This makes him laugh and Brent clears his throat.

He holds out his hand to Paxton. "Congratulations, on your engagement. Welcome to the family." Paxton takes his hand.

"Thank you." He replies, honestly.

Brent nods and leaves the room.

"How's Davy?" I inquire, nervously.

"Not sure, after I knocked him out I came to find you." He answers and sits next to me on the bed. " I want you to come home with me."

"Tonight? I can't. People will talk."

"Babe, people are already talking. You're coming with me."

"No, I'm not."

"When then?" He questions.

"When we're married."

"Well, then we'll go to the court house as soon as the marriage certificate comes."

"You already filed for one?" I ask, shocked. Instead of answering me he kisses me sweetly. When I moan he deepens the kiss and my hands bury themselves in his silky hair.

"Do you mind not eating my sister's face while I'm standing here." I hear Trevor interrupt.

Still holding my face to his Paxton replies, "So don't stand there." And kisses me again.

I push him back and he growls. I ignore him and look to Trevor. "What do you need Trevor?"

"Dad wants to talk to all of us. We'll be in the kitchen." He states and walks out of my room.

"Let's go. I don't want to keep them waiting." I say, standing up.

I get to the hallway before I realize Paxton didn't follow me. I go back to the room and he's still sitting on my bed, but now he's looking at the floor. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to calm myself down."

"You're still mad?"

He chuckles and stands. I get a good look at what he needs to calm down about. "Going camping?" I ask, smugly.

"Ha-ha." He replies.

"Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you happy to see me...Who's little soldier is standing at attention?.... That's a nice one gun salute...You look like a human tripod." I point out, laughing as he tackles me on the bed and starts tickling my side's. I try getting away and as I'm halfway off the bed I see my Pa's boots in front of my face.

"I'd like to have that conversation tonight." He states, seriously.

"Sorry, Pa. We're coming."

Pa leaves and Paxton lets me stand up I straighten my dress and Paxton states. "We need to get this over quickly." His eyes are heavy and wanting.

I look to the front of his pants again. "I can see your point." I reply, running out of the room giggling.

I get to the kitchen and I sit down still smiling. I watch as Paxton comes in buttoning his dress shirt. He sits beside me and Pa starts talking. "I don't know why you both felt the need to keep your relationship a secret from your family. I'm disappointed in you sweetheart."

"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking how it would make you feel. I was being selfish."

"No, You're not. You could never be selfish." Paxton disagrees.

"He's right, this is his fault he asked her to keep it quiet. Addie, was just doing what he asked." Trevor agrees.

"They were both in the wrong." Pa starts. "Now, the matter of your engagement. I expect a proper wedding. I'll be walking my only daughter down the aisle, I won't have it any other way."

"That's fine, I'll hire a wedding planner first thing tomorrow." Paxton agrees talking to Pa.

"Hold on, how soon are you planning to get married? You just got engaged!" Trevor yells. "Give yourself some time to come to your senses." He adds, looking at me.

"Jeeze, Trevor." I reply, irritated.

"Stop being so rude. Your sister has made her decision, enough of the attitude Trevor." Pa orders. "It's late and I'm tired. Welcome to the family, Paxton."

"Thank you, sir." He raises, shaking Pa's hand.

"Why don't you show your fiancée out. Sweetheart."

We all make our way to the front of the house Trevor, Brent and Pa leave me with Paxton as they head to their rooms. At the door Paxton takes me in his arms. "You know I'm coming through your window right?"

"You better not. You just got my Pa's blessing don't screw it up."

He pecks my lips and leaves without saying a word. I shut the door and go to my room and get ready for bed. I turn off the lights and climb under the covers, I'm asleep within minutes.

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